Usage and Templates

Stationary standards

UW-La Crosse stationery includes its letterhead, envelopes, business cards and note cards.

Letterhead and envelopes may display the name of a division, college, department, unit, center or program. Already established department or unit symbols and logos are permitted on university stationery in a specified size and location. Contact Creative Services for more information.

All UW-L stationery must contain at least one telephone number, UW-L's website or department's website, and if available, one email address and one fax number.

Use of the university's stationery is for official business conducted by persons under contract in officially recognized university units. Letterhead and envelopes must never be used for correspondence of a personal nature.

Units or programs with contracted partnerships outside the university may note this cooperative arrangement on standard university letterhead.

No symbols and logos from these outside organizations will be printed on letterhead purchased on a university account. But you can incorporate them within text of your letter.

Organizations affiliated with UW-L, such as the UW-L Foundation Inc. and the UW-L Alumni Association, may use the university logo and wordmark as long as all the policies and procedures listed here are followed.


Click here to see guidelines for UW-L Letterhead  (.jpg)

Download Letterhead template (.docx)

The standard letterhead format is the 8-1/2"x11" size. It features the UW-L wordmark at the top left with the unit, address, phone and other information aligned at the bottom.

All letterhead will be printed in PMS 202 (maroon) on 24 lb. white bond recycled paper.

The letter should position as shown above. It is recommended it be set in 9 pt. Adobe Caslon Regular with 15 pt. leading.

How to order letterhead

All requests for letterhead printed off campus should be addressed to the Purchasing Agent in Budget and Finance. Contact 785.8503 or or visit:


Envelop example

All envelopes are printed in PMS 202 (maroon) on a white wove stock.

Departments or units which desire personalized envelopes should contact Creative Services to have them designed then order through the Purchasing Agent.

Envelopes are:

No. 10 business envelope

(regular and/or window)

How to order envelopes

All requests for envelopes printed off campus should be addressed to the Purchasing Agent in Budget and Finance. Contact 785.8503 or or visit

Note Cards

notecard Example

For note cards contact Creative Services to have them designed then order through Purchasing Agent.

Note cards are available in two sizes:

5.5" x 4.1875" fits into A2 envelope

6.1875" x 4.625" fits into A6 envelope

How to order note cards and matching envelopes.

All requests for note cards and matching envelopes printed off campus should be addressed to the Purchasing Agent in Budget and Finance. Contact 785.8503 or or visit

Business Cards

Business Card example

Business cards are ordered online at

Icons and other examples

A bank of icons is available to add another layer of visual interest and convey the diversity of teaching, research and outreach going on throughout the UW-La Crosse community.

These icons can be used in multiple applications by any college, department or program where they're appropriate. For example, the electronic tablet can represent the Murphy Library or Records and Registration, as well as Student Health Services. The globe icon can represent the College of Business Administration or Office of International Education.

Icons can be used either by themselves or in a pattern. Multiple icons can be used on a single piece where applicable to act as signposts for specific topics. Icons and patterns should be deliberately placed to compliment the photography and layout.

These icons are not logos and should not be used as logos or in place of the UW-La Crosse logo. Other than color variations, do not alter the icons in any way.

Icons and Samples graphic

To obtain icons above please contact Creative Services.

PowerPoint template

For successful PowerPoint design never use smaller type size than 20pt. Use only one font, preferably a sans serif type face.

Questions contact Creative Services | 115 Graff Main Hall | 785.8575 or 785.8499