Email Guide

Email Guide (.pdf)

Email and Newsletter communication

Campus plan for e-newsletter distribution:

As requests for e-newsletter distribution to large, external groups continues to grow, it becomes necessary to implement some general guidelines regarding these efforts.


E-newsletters are sent according to a set schedule to the same audience that has a connection to the subject matter.

List Management and Maintenance:

1. Alumni and Friends:

The mailing lists of alumni and friends are maintained by the UW-L Foundation. To keep this list as up-to-date and accurate as possible, it is crucial for all updates, opt-outs/ins to be maintained in this central database. Therefore, the email lists for distribution of e-newsletters to these groups should be coordinated through the Foundation.

2. Internal Mailing Lists:

Colleges, departments and other university entities should send only limited amounts of emails to their students. Email communications to the entire campus personnel and student list is discouraged. Instead, contact the News & Marketing staff in University Communications to request the information be distributed through the Campus Connection, a weekly email newsletter sent to communicate news, announcements, notices, classified ads and other campus-related information for employees and students.

Distribution of off-campus e-newsletters

The Alumni Association has contracted with a third-party service, OnMarketer, to send out e-newsletters and other email communications to alumni and friends. This is to prevent blockage by spam filters and to ensure that UW-L's external e-newsletters and email communications are complying with the CAN-SPAM act and email privacy laws. The Alumni Association has developed and funded the cost of a user-friendly template that it utilizes when sending information to alumni. Colleges, departments and other university entities may use this template at no charge, with the option of personalizing it with:

o Subject line

o Branded header graphic

o Messages and images in designated content space holders, including hyperlinks

For customized template creation, the Web and Interactive Communications team in University Communications can assist. The customized template will take a minimum of two weeks to develop internally and will incur additional costs and time for development through the third-party.


Database Services/Foundation: Sara Olson

Web Design/Web Communications: Lynn Holzworth

Assistant Director/Alumni & Friends: Keli Highland

Director/News & Marketing: Brad Quarberg