UW-L Facebook Graphic

An increasing number of UW-L academic and administrative departments are establishing public Facebook presences to complement official communication and attempt to foster community among users.

Facebook Guide (.pdf)

UW-La Crosse standard:

UW-L departments and organizations using Facebook should establish a page, rather than create a group or depict the organization as an individual.

Why go official?

(in other words, What's in it for me?)

Benefit: separation of personal from professional

One main benefit of a page is the ability to conduct Facebook business as "the organization" rather than under a personal profile.

Note: Maintaining multiple accounts, regardless of the purpose, is a violation of Facebook's Terms of Use.

Benefit: increased visibility

Official UW-L pages will be added to the university's "like us-follow us" page and will be allowed (and encouraged) to use Facebook's social plugins within their www.uwlax.edu subsite.

Benefit: consumer confidence

Having an official and UW-L branded page is the best way to instill confidence that your page will be trustworthy and professional.

Benefit: iComm's support

By having iComm as an administrator on the page, your organization can have assistance in planning, monitoring and maintaining your page activity.

What makes a page "official"?

1. Official pages have at least two administrators. iComm will be an administrator on all university-recognized pages. In addition, at least one full-time faculty or staff member must be an administrator.

2. Official pages follow the established naming convention.

3. Official pages have a UW-L branded profile picture.

4. Official pages use a standard UW-L description text.

Facebook Implementation

To set up an official UW-L Facebook page, please start here: www.uwlax.edu/socialmedia/. You will find a request form and guide. Please review the guide prior to requesting an official UW-L Facebook page.