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    Special Collections sponsored the publication of a book on La Crosse's history and an essay and poem series featuring works by Midwestern authors; these titles are available for purchase either in person or by mail/email. Additionally, Special Collections has extra original copies of the UW-La Crosse yearbook (1911-1990), which patrons may purchase.

    La Crosse in Light and Shadow: A Pictorial Recollection of La Crosse, Wisconsin

    Ed Hill
    Ed Hill, editor of La Crosse in Light and Shadow and retired Special Collections/ARC director

    Published by Murphy Library in 1992, and edited by Douglas Connell and Edwin Hill, this book features 250 black and white images of La Crosse, Wisconsin, with brief captions and text. The publication of this book commemorated the 150th year of La Crosse's founding, and makes a wonderful gift for anyone with La Crosse connections. 

    The photographs within, many of them rare and never before published, help recapture and preserve the city's history and evolution. Proceeds from the sale of this publication go to the Murphy Library Endowment Fund.

    To order a copy, send $40, plus $5 for postage and handling, to:

    Special Collections, Murphy Library

    University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

    1631 Pine St.
    La Crosse, WI 54601

    Make checks payable to: UW-La Crosse Foundation-Library

    UW-La Crosse Yearbooks

    UWL Memorabilia
    UW-La Crosse yearbooks among other university memorabilia

    Copies of the UW-La Crosse Racquet yearbook are available for purchase for most years. They are $15 each, plus $5 postage. Checks payable to: UW-La Crosse Foundation-Library.

    The yearbooks have all been digitized and can be viewed here: UW-La Crosse Yearbooks Online

    Voyages to the Inland Sea: Essays and Poems

    Publications for sale, Voyages to the Inland Sea - Volume 2

    This series was edited by UW-La Crosse Professor John Judson, and it was published by the [La Crosse] Center for Contemporary Poetry, Wisconsin State University at La Crosse from 1971 to 1979.

    Volumes available for purchase:

    Three Essays by Lisel Mueller, John Knoepfle, and Dave Etter on Midwestern Poetry in Midcentury reprinted from volume one of Voyages to the Inland Sea. This reprint does not contain the poetry published in the first volume.

    Volume two, featuring: Felix Pollak, James Hearst, John Woods
    Volume three, featuring: R.E. Sebenthall, Thomas McGrath, Robert Dana
    Volume four, featuring: Alvin Greenberg, George Chambers, Raymond Roselip
    Volume five, featuring: Peter Cooley, Dennis Trudell
    Volume six, featuring: Harley Elliott, Ted Kooser
    Volume seven, featuring: Hale Chatfield, William Kloefkorn
    Volume eight, featuring: Felix Stefanile, James Hazard

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