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Peer advisors

Peer advisors are students helping students.  They help students get answers to questions they have regarding not only the registration process, but academic, career, and personal concerns as well.  They can provide a developing relationship that will be very beneficial during the college years.

Peer advisors are not intended to replace faculty and professional advisors, rather, they provide an alternative perspective on the academic process.  They support advisees and can refer them to other appropriate campus offices for further assistance in a variety of different ways related to the college experience.

Peer advisors assist in the following ways:

  • Listen to students expressed concerns.
  • Help students assess their interests & skills by using a computerized guidance system.
  • Explore different majors/minors to career interests and guide students through the requirements for each.
  • Assist in understanding the Advisement Report and WINGS registration process.
  • Explain academic policies (how to change your major/minor, how to drop a class, last day to drop/withdraw, etc.)
  • Discuss student awareness of short and long range educational goals.
  • Encourage all students to meet with their assigned advisor at least once a semester.

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