Suggestions to explore majors

Make sure that you are aware of the majors offered at UW-La Crosse by reviewing the the list of Majors and Programs. You can also read through an overview of these majors.

Once you have a better understanding of the majors that may or may not work for you, do a simple elimination exercise to see which UWL majors fit your academic interests.  If you do not know enough about a major, be sure to research it before ruling it out. 

Many department websites at UWL provide students with useful information about the learning goals of their major, its curriculum requirements, and reasons why a student might choose the major.  

Wings gives you the ability to create a "What if" advisement report for specific majors.  This feature allows you to see the required classes for the major, any potential admission requirements for the major, and any requirements for the College that the major belongs to.  When looking at required classes, you are able to retrieve their course descriptions as well.  Are these the things that you are interested in learning about?

Using an informational meeting to speak to faculty advisors can be a great way to gain first hand knowledge of the major.  Having dedicated a significant amount of time to their teaching area, faculty can speak to the requirements and rigor of the major.  

When scheduling allows, consider taking an Introduction/Foundation course to learn about about a major.  Whether as part of General Education or as an elective, using a class in this manner may give you the opportunity to see if the major represents a true interest for you of if you should turn your attention to other majors. 

UWL has a large number of student organizations.  Student organizations related to a major/pre-professional track may provide you with the opportunity to connect with students and faculty that are passionate about a academic program that you are exploring.  Find out what led them to the major!

Advisors in the AAC are available to assist all UW-La Crosse students that would like assistance exploring majors.  Because these are but a few strategies to explore majors, we may be able to make other suggestions that guide you in choosing a major.

Looking for another way to explore careers and different populations, consider volunteering in our local community.  Ugetconnected matches volunteers with service opportunities that fit your interest, skills, and availability. It provides connections to 125+ community agencies in our region.

Also consider finding a volunteer experience in your home region during any breaks (winter or summer), to experience a different type of agency, field or clientele.  A great place to check in any community is the regional United Way agency for a list of local community agencies seeking volunteers.