COVID-Disruption Grants

UWL has two major initiatives to support ranked faculty whose research, scholarship, or creativity was disrupted by COVID.  The opportunities are provided on behalf of the Chancellor, the CFO, and the Deans’ Council, and based on recommendations from the Caregiver’s Task Force, the Promotion, Tenure and Salary (PTS) committee, and Senate Exec Committee.

Course Buy-out Grants - Due October 1, 2021

Research Grants - Due October 27, 2021

COVID-Disruption Ranked Faculty Scholarship Checksheet (final 7/6/2021) 


In addition to the traditional faculty research grants, we are adding a second set of funding called “Research Restart.”  Full information is available at the Faculty Research Grant (FRG) website. Faculty Senate charged the committee with articulating the process including the following criteria.

  • Only ranked faculty are eligible.
  • Research can be "In-progress" so more focus on completing/advancing than traditional FRGs.
  • Priority will be given to probationary faculty.
  • Probationary assistant professors who started UWL in Fall 2021 are eligible for traditional FRGs but not for these funds.
  • Faculty cannot be awarded both a research grant and a research re-start grant.

Faculty will be permitted to submit only one FRG or Research Restart application. 


Deadline: Friday, October 1, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. to

To request a course buy-out in either Spring 2022 OR Spring 2023 please submit this checksheet, an up-to-date Digital Measure’s individual personnel report [INDIV: Personnel Report (Faculty/IAS Promotions/Retention/Tenure)] drawn from date of hire as an assistant professor, and a 1-page request for the buyout that provides a clear and concise discussion of your scholarly work and how the time from the course buy-out would be useful and what outcomes can be expected. The 1-page request should indicate that you have discussed this request with your chair and which semester would be ideal and why. The department would determine which course would not be part of  your load should this request be granted. 

§ Course reassignments only available for probationary assistant professor faculty who are 3, 4 or 5 year faculty in 2021-2022.

§ Faculty up for tenure in Fall 2021 and faculty who started Fall 2021 are not eligible.

§ The reassignment will be for a 3-4 credit/contact hour course per individual.

§ The timing of the reassignment will be based on department need and ability to cover curricular needs.

§ The Deans’ Council serves as review committee (Deans of CSH, CASSH, CBA, SOE, and GEL, Murphy Director, Faculty Assistant and the Provost).

§ The goal is to award some reassignments for Spring 2022 and some for Spring 2023; however, requests for either need to be indicated by October 2021.  

§ The reassignment must be a course buy-out and faculty member cannot receive any instructional overload in conjunction with the reassignment.

§  Faculty will not be eligible to receive both the research re-start grant and the course buy-out.