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Signe Aspengren, '22


"The UWL archaeology program did a fantastic job of preparing me for a job working in CRM. It is a challenging and rigorous program that enabled me to learn a learn a ton and got to know some truly amazing professors and students!"

Shane DeBack, '10


"My time at UWL was a major turning point in my life. I would highly recommend UWL's Archaeology/Anthropology program to anyone. I found it to be very challenging and rewarding... my degree has helped prepare me to live and work abroad in foreign countries [currently in South Korea] and work with other cultures."

Kallie Jacobson (Seifert), '09


"I sincerely enjoyed my time as a student in the UWL Archaeology/Anthropology program. I appreciated the variety of classes and the knowledgeable professors. I felt as if the professors really took the time to get to know individual students. Field school [in Bolivia] was extremely valuable."

Liz Thomas, '07


"I could not have been happier with my experience at UWL. As a high school history teacher, I frequently tell the students I teach about my time there and I stress how important it is to pick a program that will challenge yourself and help you throughout your career. This program was instrumental in helping prepare me for a career I love."

Lauren Jagielski, '08


"My undergraduate experience with the UWL archaeology program has been one of the most rewarding, challenging, and enlightening experiences I've ever had! The program prepared me not only for my career, but for my future & life. Thank you to the entire Archaeology/Anthropology department staff and all those at MVAC who made a difference in my life."

Thomas Pleger, '91

Political Science major, Anthropology/Archaeology minor

"My liberal education base allowed me to develop excellent critical thinking and communication skills along with empathy and the ability to understand different cultures and different points of view. These skills allowed me to advance in leadership development and provided tremendous opportunities."

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Emily Eklund, '15

Archaeological Studies

"The high-level of academic rigor, countless hands-on learning opportunities, and amazing support that I received at UWL has been absolutely foundational to who I am as an anthropological archaeologist, researcher, and teacher. I cannot recommend this program enough to anyone even considering going into the field!"

Taylor Brehm, '14

Archaeological Studieswith Anthropology Minor

"I love that I can give back to an amazing program that I immensely enjoyed and really helped me to develop my career in archaeology! UWL is such an excellent program and I always bring it up to anyone interested in anthropology."

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“The professors encouraged you to think through a problem and engage with the material on a deeper level. They also seemed to genuinely care about their students.”

The Archaeology/Anthropology program at UWL is what made me love college. Not only was I exposed to new and innovative ways in thinking about the world, but I was also taught how to develop appropriate research questions and methodology. Every faculty member in the department went above and beyond for their students and I always felt supported. As a student of archaeology and anthropology, I was challenged, encouraged, and rewarded. This a great program and a true asset to the university.  -Lauren Easton 2011

 Choosing to attend UWL was one of the best decisions I have ever made, it set me up for a course of events that I don't believe could have happened without deciding to pursue a degree in archaeology. It offered me the ability to learn about history and cultures; and then gave me the courage and means (a degree is necessary to join the Peace Corps) to learn first hand the variety of living cultures and their own history directly from them (once I became proficient enough in their language of course). I met many people while attending UW LaCrosse who are still close friends today. In addition to these experiences it also gave me the means to go for a Masters degree in order to further my career. In 2014 I graduated with my Masters of Anthropology with a certificate in Museum Studies.  Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience.  -Sara Miller-Domagalski 2005

“My undergraduate experience with the archaeology program at UWL has been one of the most rewarding, challenging, and enlightening experiences I've ever had! The program prepared me for my future and life.”

The archaeology/anthropology program at UWL opened up worlds for me. I was prepared to head out into the field as a professional archaeologist upon graduation, but I also eventually came to appreciate how the foundational skills I learned and earned in the program are applicable to nearly every aspect of my work life, whether it's archaeological work or not.  -Annie Anderson 2006

 My UWL Archaeology/Anthropology experience was quite enriching and rewarding. There I found great support and encouragement from my professors as well as a small but strong community of dedicated faculty members, students and researchers. I was able to thrive and fulfill my potential and ambitions thanks to the comprehensive program and the many opportunities to develop in research and gain practical experience. I'm thankful to the wonderful family that I found there; to this day I can count on their support. Thank you!  -Natasha 2009

 I believe the critical reasoning skills I learned while earning my anthropology minor at UWL is largely responsible for my acceptance into a top 10 medical school.  -Laura Stolp 2013

 My experience with UWL Archaeology was extremely positive. My education at UWL was extremely influential in helping me succeed in graduate school and obtaining my PhD in Archaeology, largely through developing a solid foundation of field methods and a broad knowledge of archaeology practice across the world. After being associated with archaeology programs at three major research universities (University College London, University of Washington, University of California-Los Angeles) I can honestly say that the Archaeology program at UWL does a phenomenal job of preparing students for future success in Archaeology and other related disciplines.  -Erik Gjesfjeld 2002

“This is one of the greatest departments out there. When I entered graduate school, I was far and away better trained in practical applications of archaeology, able to excavate better than my peers, and able to hold intelligent conversations with all of the faculty on various lab protocols and areas of research. UWL does a really good job at providing a holistic education in archaeology that is not found most other places.”

Loved my experience at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse, especially with everyone in the archaeology department. I really appreciate the hard work my professors put into designing courses and all of their help in providing me with a proper archaeological education. I wouldn't be where I am today without you guys. Wishing you all the best!  -Megan Kasten 2012

 My experience at UWL as an archaeology student was amazing! After assisting with Anth 102 [Physical Anthropology] for several semesters I realized my interest in biological anthropology was something I wanted to continue into graduate school. With the help of several archaeology faculty I was able to make that dream come true! It is clear that each faculty member is passionate about the classes they teach, and the research they conduct. I would encourage anyone with an interest in archaeology or anthropology to take at least one class at UWL to experience this wonderful program!  -Amanda Fink 2014

 This program helped me become the person I have always wanted to be, and granted me the opportunities to go places I never thought possible.  -Sarah Breiter 2013

 I cannot be more appreciative of my time at UWL, as faculty and friends within the program provided me the opportunity to change my life and forge a path of continued success. The Archaeological Studies program provided the essential foundation for the development of research and archaeological methodologies required for further graduate study. The experiences I had within the Archaeological Studies program has allowed me to continue my passion of working in Egypt and promoting the ancient world to others in the classroom.  -Dustin Peasley 2010

 The archaeology program at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse is second to none. Because of my experience, both academically and with MVAC, I was able to excel in my graduate program and grow both in my career and as a person.  -Ryan Allen 2005

 The faculty here are fantastic! They are very approachable, great teachers, and provide research opportunities for motivated students.  -Edward Quinn 2011 

“The faculty is the best asset to the Archaeology Program. I know MVAC is wonderful and provides excellent hands on experience, but a good professor is what really motivates students to become the best they can be. Every professor in the Arc/Ant Department was out going, easy to talk to, trustworthy, and encouraging.”

The Archaeology program at UW La Crosse is the best out there. It teaches critical thinking in a way that is applicable not only in the field of archaeology, but across all social science fields. It laid the foundation for me to learn the tools that I need for my dissertation and for my chosen specialty in archaeology. But, most importantly, the department fostered a learning environment that was open and conducive to education. I have been in other departments since, and no other program is as well equipped to prepare students for real world problem solving.  -Amy Karoll 2009

 I deeply appreciate the experiences I had at La Crosse, training in the archaeology program and working at the Mississippi Valley Archaeological Center. The courses and projects gave me opportunities to explore other cultures, conduct research projects, learn professional skills, and interpret my findings - all skills that have been essential to my continued work in graduate school and now in a historical museum. The faculty were very supportive of my work, personal interests, and future career goals, as were my classmates. And we had a lot of fun doing it, too!  -Liz Schultz 2002

“The professors. Every one of them, I found extremely helpful and easily accessible. I feel that the small class sizes and high degree of familiarity that the faculty have with archaeology as practiced in the field (especially in CRM) have been the programs' strongest elements.”


 My undergraduate experience within the UWL Archaeological Studies program proved to be quite a rewarding and enjoyable experience. I was able to quickly learn both field and laboratory methods, which led to employment at nearby archaeological projects over the summer months. Gaining this experience was quite valuable, and definitely helped demonstrate my interest to both the graduate programs to which I applied. Combined with the awesome atmosphere of the town, I could not recommend the program highly enough.  -Jamison Jordan 2013

 Although I did not go onto grad school after college and I am no longer doing archaeology as my career, I am thankful for the education and experiences the UWL Archaeology/Anthropology program has given me. I hold the highest respect for each of my professors and I will never forget them.  -Ginger Pigeon 2011

 My overall experience at UWL was very positive, and some of my encounters with graduates of other schools' programs have left me feeling very well-served by the quality of UWL's program, especially in the area of field training.  -Josh Altom 2010

 UWL Archaeology provided me not only with archaeology fieldwork experience with well-respected professors, but with a theoretical background and critical thinking skills that have given me an advantage in graduate school and my career in archaeology and museum work.  -Nick Ostrem 2010

 My years as an undergraduate in the program were some of the best I ever experienced and have prepared me far more than I had even thought or recognized after graduation. The faculty are some of the highest quality I have encountered and demonstrate a true concern for the well-being and development of their students.  -Anonymous

 I had a spectacular experience with UWL Archaeology/Anthropology. I cam into the program as a transfer student. I didn't know anything about this subject, but had the will to learn. I excelled in many ways because the faculty and staff set me up to succeed. I was seen as a valuable part of the program and was encouraged to do undergraduate research. This opened many doors for me and led me to consider graduate school. I am now in my first year of a Ph.D. program and am doing great. Faculty members at UWL Archaeology/Anthropology pushed me to try my hardest, helped me to step out of my comfort zone, and encouraged me to continue when I was uncertain about my future. I will always look back fondly at the UWL Archaeology program. I'm glad to have been a part.  -Anonymous

 Besides all the great things UWL provides in the way of academics, the program really stands out with the dedication of the professors. They were all very helpful while I was an undergraduate, and helped me get into graduate school. Even after graduating 6 years ago, I still have a relationship with these professors and e-mail them for professional advice. The department helped to prepare me for graduate school as well as life in general. I credit UWL and the professors in the department for helping me achieve my goals academically as well as becoming the person I am today.  -Anonymous

 The UWL Archaeology/Anthropology program was a truly enjoyable four years. I may not currently be working in the field of archaeology; however, I am planning to apply to a GIS Master's program in the near future. Thank you for the inspiration!  -Anonymous

 My time studying Archaeology/Anthropology at UWL was wonderful and I would recommend the program to anyone interested in the general subject.  -Anonymous

The high-level of academic rigor, countless hands-on learning opportunities, and amazing support that I received at UW-La Crosse has been absolutely foundational to who I am as an anthropological archaeologist, researcher, and teacher. My time in the program helped prepare me to feel confident and comfortable working both in cultural resource management and conducting my own research in Mongolia as a graduate student pursuing my doctoral degree. I cannot recommend this program enough to anyone even considering going into the field!

- Emily Eklund, 2021

The archaeology program is absolutely amazing! I learned a ton during my time at UWL! I was able to have several hands on internships with my professors and work as a teaching assistant for numerous classes. Every single professor in the department cares deeply about their students and goes out of their way to help them learn. These experiences and skills proved incredibly valuable when I got hired as a field technician at a CRM firm in North Dakota. I highly recommend the archaeology/anthropology program here at UWL! 

-Signe Aspengren, 2022