Tutors will be available for general and organic chemistry Sunday-Thursday 4-8 pm in Collaborate Ultra in the Murphy Learning Center Canvas Course. (Analytical tutoring is also available 3 days a week.) The entire schedule can be found by going to: https://www.uwlax.edu/info/tutoring/

CHM 103/104 - General 
CHM 301 - Analytical
CHM 300/303/304/305 - Organic

Dr. Eugenia Turov
UWL Chemistry and Biochemistry 
Tutoring Mentor

UWL Chemistry and Biochemistry Faculty Offices

Keith Beyer: (Cowley Hall 443) 

Basudeb Bhattacharyya: (Cowley Hall 4030)

Jeff Bryan: (Cowley Hall 441)

Nadia Carmosini: (Cowley Hall 4026)

Tanya Cordes: (Cowley Hall 4012) 

Curt Czerwinski: (Cowley Hall 4014) 

Ressano DeSouza-Machado: (Cartwright Center 228) 

Kate Friesen: (Cowley Hall 4009)

Pari Ghodsian: (Cowley Hall 4011)

Kelly Gorres: (Cowley Hall 4015) 

Dan Grilley: (Cowley Hall 4028) 

Benjamin Haenni: (Cowley Hall 4024) 

Matthew Hammers: (Cowley Hall 4018)

Janet Kirsch: (Cowley Hall 4025) 

John May: (Cowley Hall 4007) 

Rob McGaff: (Cowley Hall 4021) 

Aaron Monte: (Cowley Hall 4001) 

Kendric Nelson: (Cowley Hall 4023) 

Joshua Neukom: (Cowley Hall 4029) 

Aric Opdahl: (Cowley Hall 442) 

Kris Rolfhus: (Cowley Hall 4022) 

Heather Schenck: (Cowley Hall 4027) 

Sujat Sen: (Cowley Hall 4013)

Amanda Spiewak: (Cowley Hall 4016)

Valeria Stepanova: (Cowley Hall 4003) 

Eugenia Turov: (Cowley Hall 4005) 

Todd Weaver: (Cowley Hall 4020)