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Communication Studies

Tony Docan-Morgan

Tony Docan-Morgan, Communication Studies, co-authored the article "The ubiquity of long-tail lie distributions: Seven studies from five continents" in the Journal of Communication published on Nov. 2 by Oxford Academic.

Submitted on: Nov. 6, 2023

Kate Lavelle

Kate Lavelle, Communication Studies, authored the chapter "Corrupt means, but the potential for millions: Rhetorical approaches to studying corruption in sport" in "Corruption and Scandal in American Sports: Causes and Consequences" (2023), published on Aug. 24 by Bloomsbury. She also co-authored the chapter "Playing here doesn't pay my bills: A comparative international conversation of pay equity as discursive practice" in the edited volume "Social Justice and The Modern Athlete Exploring the Role of Athlete Activism in Social Change" (2023), published by Lexington/Rowman & Littlefield.

Submitted on: Oct. 13, 2023

Kate Lavelle

Kate Lavelle, Communication Studies, presented "Celebrating 50, duplicating inequality: A rhetorical analysis of Title IX celebratory fragments as sport diplomacy" at the International Association for Communication and Sport Summit on March 10 in Barcelona, Spain. She also presented "COVID, NIL, and mental health: How collegiate student athletes juggle increased pressures and stressors" on March 11 at the same conference.

Submitted on: Oct. 6, 2023

Weixu Lu

Weixu Lu, Communication Studies, authored the article "Streets as experienced through the body, mind, and screen: The smartphone and the pedestrian's engagement with an urban public space" in Mobile Media and Communication published on Sept. 6 by Sage Journals.

Submitted on: Oct. 6, 2023

Recep Pekdemir, Cord Brundage, Tisha King-Heiden, Kristin Koepke, Eugenia Turov, Ashley Edwards, Jessica Welsh, Bryan Kopp, Jason Sumontha and Katherine Evans

Recep Pekdemir, Accountancy; Cord Brundage and Tisha King-Heiden, both Biology; Kristin Koepke, CATL; Eugenia Turov, Chemistry & Biochemistry; Ashley Edwards and Jessica Welsh, both Communication Studies; Bryan Kopp, English; Jason Sumontha, Psychology; and Katherine Evans, Recreation Management & Therapeutic Recreation; served by representing UWL at UW System’s Faculty College event May 30-June 2, 2023. The theme for Faculty College 2023 was Teaching & Learning with a Social Justice Lens.

Submitted on: June 1, 2023