Department Updates

UWL Sales Team Prepares for International Collegiate Sales Competition

On November 1-4, the UWL Competitive Sales Team will compete at Florida State’s International Collegiate Sales Competition. The four UWL students will compete against 160 students representing 60 universities from around the country.

Hank English and Logan Griesbach will compete in the role-play competition and Kiara Lyons and Amanda Marshall will compete in the sales management case competition.

The role-play event is a four-round, tournament-style competition where, for rounds one and two, the top two competitors from each room (flight) move on to the next round, and in round three, the top competitor from each room moves to the final round. The product for 2023 is DLL. The role-play scenario is similar to a real complex selling situation where needs are developed in early meetings leading to a solution presentation and final purchase decision. The scenario always includes some aspect of international business.

The on-site sales management case is a two-round event where two competitors working as a team are given a specific sales management situation related to a sales operations challenge at Rexel Electrical Distributors and asked to present a realistic, effective solution to the issue.  For round two, finalists are presented with additional information about the issue and teams are asked to refine their presentation for a final presentation to executives from Rexel Electrical Distributors.

UWL Sales Team Finishes Seventh at the 17th Annual Great Northwoods Sales Warm-Up

On October 12-14, the UWL Competitive Sales Team competed against 22 schools from across the country at the 17th annual Great Northwoods Sales Warm-up at UW-Eau Claire. 

Student competitors each presented two 20-minute sales pitches to industry professional buyers. They were judged by professional salespeople on their communication skills, sales process, and overall performance for the chance to win the top prizes of First Place: $1,500, Second Place: $1,000, and Third Place: $750. 

UWL's Amanda Marshall had the highest day-one score and placed fifth overall. The UWL Competitive Sales Team finished seventh.

(L-R) Hank English (alternate), Kiara Lyons, Amanda Marshall, and Logan Griesbach

Sports Marketing Collaborates with UWL Wrestling 

Students in Associate Teaching Professor Terrance Gabel’s Sports and Recreational Marketing course are conducting a marketing consulting project this semester with UWL Head Wrestling Coach Dave Malecek as their client. Of the five student groups in the class, three are focused on how to best advance the interests of the existing Men’s program and the other two are looking into the possibility of adding a Women’s Wrestling program in the near future.

Prof. Gabel, Coach Malecek, and MKT 444 Students

Prof. Gabel and Coach Malecek are pictured here with the students—divided into which program they are working with—during the Coach’s recent visit to the class. You can read more about UWL’s highly successful Men’s Wrestling program here.

Inaugural Award to Nese Nasif!

We are proud to announce that our very own Nese Nasif was chosen for the UWL Inaugural Award. To read more about the award and Nasif read here


Nese Nasif

Nese Nasif, Marketing, was named DEI Faculty Fellow of College of Business Administration on Monday, Nov. 13.

Submitted on: Nov. 13

Ariel Beaujot, Nese Nasif, Kathleen Hawkes, Lisa Lenarz, Marc Manke and Sierra Rooney

Ariel Beaujot, History; Nese Nasif, Marketing; and Kathleen Hawkes, Lisa Lenarz, Marc Manke and Sierra Rooney, all Visual & Performing Arts; received the award for Preservation Alliance of La Crosse Heritage Award at Preservation Alliance of La Crosse Banquet on Wednesday, Sept. 6 in La Crosse, WI, USA. Preservation Alliance of La Crosse has granted us the 2023 Heritage Award for contribution to Historic Preservation via the Hear, Here Project.

Submitted on: Aug. 28

Gwen Achenreiner and Nese Nasif

Gwen Achenreiner and Nese Nasif, both Marketing, co-authored the article "Stereotype Threat Triggered By Data Focused Assessments for Marketing Students: An Exploratory Study" in Marketing Education Review published on Monday, Feb. 27 by Taylor & Francis Group.

Submitted on: Feb. 27

Nese Nasif

Nese Nasif, Marketing, presented "Teaching for Social Justice in Marketing: Master Narratives in the Modern Marketing Curriculum" at Society for Marketing Advances on Nov. 4 in Charlotte, NC.

Submitted on: Nov. 7, 2022

Nese Nasif

Nese Nasif, Marketing, authored the article "A Reconsideration of the Environmentalism Construct for Consumer Research" in Interdisciplinary Environmental Review published on March 22 by Inderscience Publishers.

Submitted on: April 14, 2022