What our alumni are doing:

Many of our students do, in fact, stay in contact with us after they have graduated. At times they may simply drop us notes to let us know how they're doing. Other times they write to let us know how they are making use of some information or set of skills that they developed here at UW-L and in our program. Finally, some have questions they hope we can answer as they're developing projects and engaged in their work.

What ever the reason, we thoroughly enjoy hearing from our alumni. Below are some of the more recent letters we've received that describe the kinds of work they're doing and how they are applying their sociology skills.


PaChoua Lor (2015 Graduate)

I graduated from UW-La Crosse in the spring of 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and minor in Ethnic Racial Studies. Since August of 2015, I have been serving as an AmeriCorps member with City Year Milwaukee, a non-profit organization that works in partnership with public schools in urban areas around the United States. City Year members work directly in the classroom setting as a team of mentors and tutors in schools; we are trained on different math and English/reading strategies to incorporate in lesson plans that we create for students that range from 3rd to 9th grade. We are with the students from the start of the school day through the end of our after school tutoring and service learning program. My service year has made me realize the significance and relevance of the social issues that were discussed in Soc and ERS courses. Every day I learn about the culture of my students and how trauma, poverty, mental health affects their academic performance. City Year has encouraged me to continuing working in schools. 

I would encourage your current Soc students to look into AmeriCorps programs if they are unsure of pursuing graduate school.

Hollie Nyseth Brehm (2008 Graduate)
Chandra Ring (2006 Graduate) 
Nicole Hebb (2006 Graduate)
Jillian Schwartz (2005 Graduate)
Christie Taylor (2005 Graduate)
Andy Heim (2004 Graduate)
Pang Moua (2004 Graduate)
Rachel Rannow (2004 Graduate)