International Studies program

mUndergrad minor

Learn to think globally.

In an age when people and places worldwide are a click away, learning how to think beyond borders is invaluable. Having cross-cultural awareness, knowledge and skills will put you a step ahead of the competition as you pursue any career field.

UWL's International Studies minor focuses on unifying humans from all cultural, historic, social, geographic, and religious backgrounds. It is an interdisciplinary minor that draws on courses in departments throughout the university. Students can explore a topic that spans multiple regions of the wider world or focus on a particular region.

What is international studies?

International Studies is an interdisciplinary study of the political, economic, social and cultural issues throughout the world, as well as the increasingly interconnected nature, complexity and diversity of the world community. Students often compare subjects across regions of the world, and develop skills and abilities for meaningful cross-cultural and transnational interactions.

What I loved about UWL's International Studies minor was the flexibility to take classes in a variety of disciplines. The capstone also provides a great opportunity to pursue personal interests. As part of my capstone, I was able to work on a research article that was eventually published!

Ashley Schwartz

International Studies jobs

Students with experience in International Studies can apply their learning to a wide range of careers whether working for government, non-profit organizations, international businesses or other sectors. The Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA) provides information about graduate schools and programs worldwide, fellowships and scholarships, and an international career guide. International Studies minors might consider continuing their education with graduate study in philosophy, religion, history, psychology, social sciences, counseling, humanities, communication, medicine, and the arts. Others pursue law school, business school or other areas of study. 


  • Diplomat
  • Director of international education
  • Director of international relief operations
  • Foreign service officer
  • International banker
  • International lawyer
  • International manager
  • International sales representative
  • Journalist
  • Management consultant
  • NGO employee
  • NGO manager
  • Peace Corps volunteer
  • Professor of international studies
  • Study abroad advisor

What distinguishes UWL's International Studies minor?


UWL's 18-credit interdisciplinary minor complements any major. Students can also focus on a particular world region or topic. All paths share the same six-credit foundation with a different set of elective courses depending on student interest.

One-on-one attention

International Studies provides one-on-one advising and long-term guidance with the program director.

Study abroad opportunities

Study abroad is recommended, but not required as part of the program.

Capstone experience

The capstone, or culminating experience in the program, integrates well with any major, allowing students to choose or design their own projects.

Interact with experts across fields

Courses in the International Studies minor come from throughout the university, so students have access to experts from multiple fields.

Perspective for your future

An international studies background sets students up for life-long learning within a multidisciplinary perspective.

Career edge

Gain an edge over the competition in your future career search whether in journalism, politics and government, education, law, foreign service, business and industry, social service agencies, and more.

Sample courses