Important Information

The ACCESS Center is currently open.  Please contact us using either your assigned advisor's individual contact information below, or if you have not yet been assigned an advisor you may call or email the main office. 

Students needing to schedule appointments with an advisor can schedule with their individual advisor or call our front desk to make an appointment.  Appointments can be scheduled for video conference calls or an in-person meeting depending on your advisor.


Important Dates:

December 24-25 - Office Closed, University Holiday

December 28, 29, 30 - ACCESS Center office open, limited staffing

December 31-January 1 - Office Closed, University Holiday

January 4 - First day of class, Winter Term

January 18 - Office Closed, University Holiday

January 22 - Last day of class and Final exams, Winter Term

February 1 - First day of class, Spring Term

May 7 - Last day of class, Spring Term

May 10-14 - Final exams, Spring Term

ACCESS Center New Student Registration Instructions

  1. Begin by going to The ACCESS Center website at
    • If you are unable to remember the website address later, you can always search “disability” or “access” on the main UWL website and it will be within the first couple of links.
  2. Click the big blue button in the center of the page that says “ACCESS Connect New Student Registration.”
  3. Step 1: Fill in the registration form
    • Fill in all personal information
      • Expected graduation term is just your best guess, not critical.
      • Preferred name – if you go by a nickname, please include this.
      • Student ID – Enter your 9 digit UWL student ID number.
    • Contact information
      • Email address – Please use your UWL email address.
      Local address
      • If you do not know your residence hall assignment yet or have not found local housing, use your permanent address. This can be changed later.
    • Additional information
      • Primary disability – Select one primary disability from the dropdown list.
      • Secondary disability(ies) – You may select any additional disabilities with the check boxes.
    • Questions
      • Please complete each of the questions. If you do not have an answer for one of the questions please fill with N/A. The application will not process if you do not put something into every box.
    • Captcha – Enter the text from the picture to prove that you are a real person.
    • Click the “Submit Application” button.
  4. Step 2: Submit documentation
    • If you have documentation to upload, enter a title for the document, browse to find it on your computer, and click on “Upload Documentation.”
    • If you do not have documentation to upload right now, click on “Upload Documentation Later” and either email, fax, or drop off your documentation at The ACCESS Center as soon as you are able.
    •  For detailed documentation guidelines, please see Disability Documentationon the left menu bar.

Meet with your advisor

  1. Once your registration has been submitted, it needs to be processed and assigned to an advisor. This may take up to a week depending on the volume of appointments in the office. If you have not received any communication from your assigned advisor within 5 business days, please call the office to check in. 
  2. Students must complete a one hour welcome appointment with their advisor to discuss their disability, needed accommodations, and other strategies for college success. After receiving confirmation that your registration has been processed and you have been assigned an advisor, please call 608.785.6900 to schedule a time that is convenient for you.
  3. Once accommodations have been agreed on, your advisor will show you how to request accommodations for your classes and then send notification to your instructors.

Meet with your Instructors

  1. After you have requested accommodations and instructors have been notified, it is important to meet with your instructors to discuss your accommodations in their class.
    • If you have testing accommodations, this is a good time to fill out the Testing Contract online, which is required in order to schedule any exams for your class.  A separate testing contract is required for each class that you plan to use testing accommodations in.
  2. Begin using your approved accommodations