Temporary disabilities/injuries

Important Information

The ACCESS Center is currently closed with staff working virtually during the shelter in place.  Please contact us using either your assigned advisor's individual contact information below, or if you have not yet been assigned an advisor you may call or email the main office.  If calling and you do not receive an answer, please leave a voice mail that will be directed to the advisor's email and they will respond quickly.

Students needing to schedule appointments with an advisor can schedule with their individual advisor or call our front desk to make an appointment.  Appointments can be scheduled for video conference calls until the shelter in place is lifted.


September 8 - Classes Begin

November 26-29 - Semester Break

December 9 - Last day to schedule Final Exams in The ACCESS Center

December 16 - Last Day of Class

December 17-22 - Final Exams

Individuals with temporary disabilities are encouraged to register with the ACCESS Center and meet with an advisor to discuss appropriate accommodations. Temporary disabilities can include but are not limited to concussions, broken limbs, or post-surgical procedures. All temporary disabilities are handled on a case-by-case basis so accommodations may not always be available. 


Medical Equipment

A list of community resources is available in the Student Resource Guide on the ACCESS Center Student Resources Page.


For a temporary medical condition, a handicapped parking sticker can be obtained through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation located at 9477 HWY 16 East in Onalaska. For more information please call the local DMV at 608-264-7447. A valid UWL parking permit is still required to park on campus.

Residence Life

 If residence hall accessibility is needed, please register with The ACCESS Center and meet with an advisor. We will then contact the Office of Residence Life and make recommendations for appropriate accommodations. 

Student Life

 If an extended absence notification (more than one week) or withdrawal from the university, including medical withdrawal, is needed, contact the Student Life Office located in 149 Main Hall at 608.785.8062.