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While the overall costs of attending college vary with each student, there are certain costs which can be anticipated.

Estimated 2018-19 costs for full time undergraduate students are:

Student Base Budget WI resident MN resident Non-resident MSEP WI/MN commuter
Tuition/Fees $9,258 $9,258 $17,928  $12,407 $9,258
Room ? (traditional double) $3,882 $3,882 $3,882  $3,882 0
Food(Eagle meal plan) $2,493 $2,493 $2,493  $2,493 0
TOTALS (divide in half for per semester costs) $15,633 $15,633 
$24,303  $18,782 $9,258

Additional estimated personal expenses for the year: $1,500-$2,000

Graduate cost of attendance

To view current Graduate cost information, please visit the UWL Cost to Attend page.

Ways to reduce the cost of attendance

UW-La Crosse offers several additional options to help students and families control the cost of attending college, including: