Photos: Family Weekend

More than 800 families visited campus on the second weekend in October.

Posted 9:29 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021

Students and families walk in front of the Veterans Memorial Field Sports Complex after the UWL Football game.

Families from all over converged at UWL on the second weekend in October to participate in Family Weekend events. Over 800 families took part in activities including bingo, tailgating, sporting events and quiet hikes through campus and the bluffs. Take a look back through photos taken by university photographer Michael Lieurance and student photographer Sara Hafften. 

The Patrow family walks down Badger Street.
Torrance Campbell with her parents in front of Hoeschler Tower.
The Goosen family walks near the Recreational Eagle Center.
UWL hosted a bingo night for for over 280 participants.
Director of University Centers Kyle Burke and his son lead the first round of calling during bingo night.
Parents and students tailgate before the UWL football game.
Students and families play cornhole outside the Veterans Memorial Field Sports Complex.
The Screaming Eagles Marching Band and Twirlers perform a few songs for families before the football game.
A large crowd cheers on the football team at Roger Harring Stadium.
A view of the bluffs, marching band and the construction of the Fieldhouse during the halftime show.
Families walk back through campus after the football game.

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