Photos: Welcome (back)

Students move into the residence halls.

Posted 2:33 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021

Students move belongings into Angell Hall.


A student and parent move a futon into Angell Hall.
International flags fly as families move their students into Drake Hall.
A student carries a futon mattress on his head near Coate Hall.
Students play basketball by Coate Hall while people move in their belongings.
A view down Badger Street as families explore campus during a light mist.
A family helps move in their daughter's belongings near Sanford Hall.
One last goodbye. Family friend Shelly Stagman hugs incoming first-year student Abigail Polodna while her mom, Cari, looks on.
A family walks by Hoeschler Tower.
The Screaming Eagles Marching Band leads incoming first-year students to Roger Harring Stadium.
Stryker gives high-fives to students coming into Roger Harring Stadium.
A reflection of a tuba player.
Chancellor Gow runs down the track while leading the wave.

Dean of Students Kara Ostlund addresses first-year students at Roger Harring Stadium.
"Say Eagles." This year's class is expected to be one of the largest in UWL history.

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