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Student-athlete digs art along with volleyball

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Posted 10:05 a.m. Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Senior Elyse Weber of Tucson, Arizona, has had a passion for drawing since she was a kid. That passion continues at UWL with her art being recognized not only on campus, but also in the community.

Majoring in exercise sport science and minoring in art, Weber anticipates graduating in May 2021 and then attend graduate school to study athletic training.

Weber played volleyball for two years while attending Pina Community College in Tucson.

“Knowing I wanted to continue my collegiate career, I started looking at the Division III schools here in Wisconsin since my dad is from West Bend and I wanted to be near family,” says Weber. “After visiting here and UW-Eau Claire, I knew UWL was the right spot for me because I felt at home.”

Art was interesting to her from a young age and she took as many art classes as possible.

“I mainly work with graphite and am highly attracted to realism,” notes Weber. “I think it is so impressive when artists can make a drawing or painting look life-like.”

Weber says drawing is a great outlet to put aside everything going on and put her focus into something great.

Left: Elyse Weber and her drawing of Leithold Music in downtown La Crosse, which was featured in the UWL All-Student Art Exhibition. The senior from Tucson, Arizona, who is on the volleyball team, has had a passion for drawing since an early age. Right: Weber’s drawing of the Glory Days pub in downtown La Crosse.

“My brain tends to go a million miles an hour and sitting down and drawing for a couple hours is such a nice way to reset,” she explains. “A lot of my work features architecture and/or hands. I love making hands appear as if they’re ready to come off the paper.”

Playing volleyball most of her life, Weber has learned many time-management skills. Some of her best work is done in the early morning due to procrastination. Finding a balance between sports and academics has always been important.

“Even to this day, I am still finding ways to stay at my best and accomplish everything on my plate,” adds Weber.

She’s a winner in art too. Weber won the drawing category in the All-Student Art Exhibition last spring with her design of Leithold Music, located in downtown La Crosse.

“That was very exciting to see my work among other highly talented students,” says Weber. “The assignment for the piece was relating to surrealism. I wanted the hand to look like it was reaching down to grab the building.”

Her interest in drawing continued with Glory Days Sports Bar, also downtown La Crosse.

“Glory Days Sports Bar was a special landmark to me,” explains Weber. “I went in there for a Packers’ game last fall and fell in love with the people and atmosphere.”

Even to this day, I am still finding ways to stay at my best and accomplish everything on my plate

Her father came from Arizona to visit and Weber took him to Glory Days and the two had an enjoyable time.

“I wanted to do something for the owners to show how much I appreciated them, so I decided to draw the front of the bar with hands in the background in the shape of a W,” says Weber. “I asked one of our own football players to contribute his hands, which is a cool little feature.” She presented the drawing to Glory

She plans to continue to draw downtown buildings. “I think the architecture in downtown is beautiful,” says Weber.

Selling her work is satisfying, but there is more to it for her. “I enjoy the reactions of people receiving them unexpectedly so much more,” she says.

Elyse Weber’s drawing of Leithold Music in downtown La Crosse won recognition in the UWL All-Student Art Exhibition.