Why Join the Alumni Association?

When you join the UWL Alumni Association you’re helping us keep the La Crosse Experience alive. What does that mean exactly? The UWL Alumni Association values the La Crosse Experience. We are committed to enhancing the vibrant history that our UWL students, friends and alumni share; a history that makes UWL unique for everyone that is connected to the university.

Your membership supports:


The UWL Alumni Association awards three Legacy scholarships each year. One award is to an incoming freshman, one to an upper classman and another made to a graduate student. Among other criteria, all recipients must have a family member who is a UWL alum or be an alum themselves.

Life-changing Networking Opportunities

Each year the UWL Alumni Association hosts over 60 networking events, socials, acts of service, trips, sports outings, and other activities to bring together alumni and friends. Often-times these events are centered around a field of study, bringing together professionals from across the country or region. These events make future partnerships, career opportunities and potential mentorships a reality. Learn about upcoming events in your area by visiting our online calendar of events here. Check out Erin’s story to learn about how she landed her dream job here.

Enhancing Student Life

UWL Alumni Association partners with various campus organizations to help students prepare for their future and the transition to alumni. Programs include the Etiquette Dinner and Forever an Eagle.

Honoring Distinguished Alumni

Alumni Award recipients spend a weekend on campus visiting classrooms speaking to students, participating in a professional Q&A panel for campus and the community, and end with an award reception where they get to share a few words and thank those who were instrumental in their UWL experience and careers. Alumni Awards are given to alumni who are significantly advancing multicultural understanding, making exceptional contributions to their professions and/or communities, and for outstanding educators, among others. See all award categories, past winners and more information here.

Traditions and Reunions

Everyone is welcome home at UWL. We hope that you visit, return to gather with your friends from college, your team or your graduating class. The UWL Alumni Association assists various individuals and groups in hosting reunions and events on campus. As Professor O.O. White said in 1939, "We'll hang the lantern in the old college tower over the south door. You won't need a key, the door will be open."

Lifetime Relationships & Connections

The Lantern is a printed magazine that keeps all our alumni, friends and donors connected to UWL for a lifetime. It gives you a snapshot of the current campus happenings, building construction news, faculty and staff updates, alumni award highlights, student success stories and so much more. You might even see a face or two you recognize when flipping through the pages. The Lantern is mailed twice a year.

And so much more!

The UWL Alumni Association offers single or joint annual, lifetime and new grad memberships. Join today to keep the La Crosse Experience alive!


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