With the Amazon Tax Exemption Program (ATEP), you may be eligible to use your tax exempt status for future purchases from Amazon.com LLC, Amazon Digital Services, Inc., Warehouse Deals, Inc., Amazon Services LLC, or other participating sellers.

The University of Wisconsin La Crosse is Tax Exempt and completing the online enrollment one time will establish Active Exemption Status with all Four of the aforementioned companies.

Note: Sales tax may still be charged on items ordered from other sellers that list products for sale on Amazon.com 

Enroll in the Amazon Tax Exemption Program (ATEP)

Please log into your Amazon account then simply follow these instructions to complete enrollment.

Go into Your Account under Settings select Amazon Tax Exemption Program. You will be directed to an online Tax Exemption tool.

You will have two options for providing your state tax exemption certificate. It is recommended that you select the option Amazon Creates the Forms look for the Edit Your Tax Exemptions icon. The tool allows you to create and activate state tax exemption documentation using the Tax Exempt interview process. Once you select “Activate Certificates”, your status will be activated within approximately 15 minutes.

Corresponding Links

Helpful Information for completing the Form

Our CES Number is: Contact Purchasing for Number. The Authorized Person name on behalf of UW-L for the form is: Contact Purchasing for Name.

Type of Business – Select: (16) Education and health-care services. Reason for exemption – (F) Religious or educational organization.