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These are a Few of My Favorite Things



Songs, Books, and Stories

Special Activities


We will revisit some of favorite activities this week!

This week we will have a collection of some of our favorite stories and we will take turns choosing the story and songs for the day.

We will make a paper bouquet of flowers for our family! We will also work in a flower and vegetable garden using soft stuffed flowers and vegetables. For sensory fun we will use black beans as dirt and plant a variety of flowers and vegetables.



We will play games using balls! We will play with marbles in the hallway, use the marble track, and build ramps to send balls down.


Today we will build with blocks! We will use our new foam blocks that have mirrors on them! We will also use the big hollow blocks and our small wooden unit blocks. We will be busy working together!


Animal Day! We will have a “Vet Clinic” set up for us to take care of animals. We will also have a farm set up for us to work on and take care of farm animals. We love wild animals and we will add them to our blocks along with a variety of fabric.  


Today will be “Fun with Experiments”. We will use skittles and water, coffee filters, markers and water in a spray bottle! What do you think will happen? We will also experiment with magnets.