Cindy's plans





Songs, Books, and Stories

Special Activities


All birds have feathers. A peacock has long feathers.

Just Plain Fancy

Rockin’ Robin”

We will decorate peacocks using paint, dish washing brushes, and of course, feathers.

We will “Feed the Birds” by using tweezers to pick up a variety of things and put them in the mouth of a plastic bottle bird!


Groups of animals have different names. A group of flamingos is called a “Flamboyance”.

Domingo the Flamingo”

For Pete’s Sake

We will make our own flamingos today using paint and tissue paper.

We will stand on one foot and balance. Then we will get into a hula hoop, and try to imitate the flamingo dance that all flamingos do around the world!


Bird’s feathers can help keep them dry. They are water repellant.


Are you My Mother?

We will trace our bodies on a giant piece of paper to make one large bird! We will also make a bird nest that we will eat!


Birds live in many places, such as caves, barns, trees, or even old buildings.

How To Build A Nest

Brian’s Bird

We will do an experiment. Why do birds fly in a “V?”

We will watch an eagle web cam to see how real eagles act in the wild. We will also be measuring our wing span and comparing it to the eagle’s wing span.


There are many stories and songs about birds. Many teach us about friendship.

Sing A Song”

“I Know A Chicken”

“Bluebird in my Window”

Today is Lauren’s last day with us! Lauren and Gabi will plan a fun day for Cindy and Kate’s group.

Changes to the Environment

The dramatic play area will feature a bird watching area, a place to take care of birds, and putting birds into bird houses and nest. For fine motor we will use hammers and tees and pretend we are woodpeckers! We measure ourselves next to a tree with many bird houses! We will have fun shaking our tail feathers!