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I Can Be a Friend



Songs, Books, and Stories

Special Activities


Friends can be boys or girls. Friends can be any age.

All friends have feelings.

The Bucket Filler

Just As I Am

When You’re Smiling”

We will use clear transparency sheets and in pairs, we will trace our friend’s face! Board games are fun to play and today we will have a giant board game that will fits on the floor! We will also work as a team and put together a long paper chain!


Children may not speak the same language, look alike, or live in the same way. But inside we are very much alike and can be friends.

The Special Little Critter

The Ugly Duckling

“To Everyone in all the World”

We will have a wheel chair and a walker for us to use with our friends. We will take turns pushing a friend in the wheel chair and we will see what it would be like to use a walker to help us walk.

We will decorate paper dolls that are holding hands.


Being thoughtful, being encouraging, and being a good sport is an important part of friendship.

Rainbow Of Friends

“The World Is A Rainbow”

We will have our own Olympic Games today! Just like at the real Olympics, we will be good sports and have fun! Events: Ice Skating, Snow board and Ski Jumping, and scooter sledding on a course!


Teamwork is used to accomplish tasks.

Who Shares?

Yes We Can!

We will have a relay race. We will also work together to play board games and puzzles.


Working together is part of teamwork.

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig

We will partner up and either blind fold each other or sit back to back while another person instructs us to draw a shape or move blocks to build a structure.  Then we will also create a kindness sign together and build a marshmallow tower.

Changes to the Environment

This week we will work with our friends as we build, create, and share ideas. We will have special areas for us to work in and we will be able to keep our creations up for everyone to see. We will include games where we do not talk but use hand gestures and facial expressions to communicate. SMART will be with partners!