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Songs, Books, and Stories

Special Activities


Music is heard all around the world. Music can be appreciated by all ages.

We will sing the story What A Wonderful World


We will be working on a special project for you! While we work, we will listen to many types of music.


Some instruments need to have air blown through them to make music.

“Musical Max”

Jodi will bring her sax, her husband’s trombone and her brother’s trumpet to school! We will visit the Center of the Arts building and look at practice rooms, rehearsal rooms and listen for sounds!


We can make music with our bodies by singing, clapping, stomping, etc.

“I’ve Got The Rhythm in My Feet”

“Shake Your Fingers!”

Ryer, one of our college student workers will bring his bass guitar and his friend will bring his acoustic guitar and play for us! We will record our voices singing today!


People can appreciate music and music can be given as a gift.

“Sing, Sing A Song!”

Today we will give the gift of music and sing for the Organization of Campus Women’s luncheon!


Music is a necessary part of dancing.

“The Princess And The Frog”

Jordan, another college student worker is on a dance team at UWL. Jordan and some of her friends will dance for us and teach us a dance!

Changes to the Environment

This week we will have a Rock ‘N Roll stage set up! For sensory we will listen to music boxes, tone tubes, xylophone, and hand bells. We will listen to a different style of music every day! Our SMART activities will include bells! Our fine motor will include using rhythm instruments to help tell a story.