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Under the Sea



Songs, Books, and Stories

Special Activities


Whales and dolphins live in the ocean. They are mammals.


We will use ocean stampers to make under the sea pictures.


Jellyfish have hundreds of stingers.

Sea Creatures

We will create colorful jellyfish using paper plates, watercolors and ribbons.


There is land at the bottom of the sea. It is called the ocean floor.

The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor

We will make an edible ocean floor using graham crackers and goldfish crackers.


Ocean water contains a lot of salt.

The Mysterious Ocean

We will sponge paint starfish stencils. We will use water, salt, and utensils to try to melt a block of ice containing sea animals.


Sponges grow on the ocean floor.

Coral Reef Homes

We will use eye droppers to paint colorful sponges.

Changes to the Environment

Our dramatic play area will be an aquarium to study sea life and shells. We will play with sand for our sensory exploration. We will move our bodies like ocean animals for large motor play. We will play a Feed the Shark letter game for small motor play.