Songs, Books, and Stories

Special Activities


Gingerbread is good to eat. Gingerbread can be made into cookies, cake, or even houses.

Cookie Count

We will decorate a gingerbread house!!


Gingerbread smells delicious!

Ginger Bear

We will paint will gingerbread cookie cutters.



Baking can be something special to do with family and friends.

The Gingerbread Baby

We will make a gingerbread cookie. I hope it doesn’t run away!!


There are stories about gingerbread characters.

The Gingerbread Man

We will act out the story of the gingerbread man.

We will do some patterning with gingerbread characters.



It is fun to play games with friends.

The Gingerbread Bear

We will hide gingerbread people around our school for our friends to find.

Changes to the Environment

Our dramatic play area will be a gingerbread house. We will have gingerbread characters to decorate in the art area. We will make “cookies” with playdough for our sensory play. We will construct gingerbread characters with Velcro pieces. We will use small motor skills to sort gingerbread counters.