Songs, Books, and Stories

Special Activities


The ringmaster announces the acts in the circus.

Clifford at the Circus

We will practice acts for our circus. Tumbling, jumping through fire, and magic!


Acrobats, trapeze artists, and tightrope walkers are performers in the circus.

Circus Performers

We will make trapeze artists that twirl on a straw.

We will play some circus number games.


The circus is often performed under the Big Top.

Flea Circus

We will make clown collars and clown faces.


Clowns perform funny acts in the circus.



We will have a circus today with Cindy’s group!


There are often special treats to eat at the circus.

“Take Me Out to the Circus”


We will make our own circus treat!

Changes to the Environment

Our dramatic play area will be a circus. We will have magnet characters for constructing our own circus. We will use our small motor skills to cut out clown noses. Our circus acts are our large motor play. Our sensory play will be pink shaving cream (cotton candy).