Campus Climate

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Amanda Goodenough Profile of Amanda Goodenough
Director of Campus Climate
1123 Centennial Hall
Specialty areas: Multiracialism, microaggressions, hate/bias response, bystander intervention, community building, graphic design
Abbi Clauss Profile of Abbi Clauss
Campus Climate Program Coordinator
1125 Centennial Hall
Specialty areas:

Socioeconomic Status
Sexual Violence Awareness
LGBTQ issues
Indigenous Rights/Issues
Interaction Between Business Administration and Marginalized Identities  

Roi Kawai Profile of Roi Kawai Office hours
Assistant Professor
160C Morris Hall
Specialty areas:

Urban Education, Multicultural Education, Middle Level Education, Social Justice Education, Social Studies/Civic Education, Critical and Poststructural Race Theories, Sociocultural Theory, Education Ethnography, Grounded Theory

Graduate assistants & interns

Jake Dyer profile photo
Jake Dyer

Undergraduate assistants & interns

Katheryn Horne profile photo
Katheryn Horne
Kendra Jones profile photo
Kendra Jones
Karter Etchin profile photo
Karter Etchin