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Awareness through Performance (ATP) first debuted on the UWL campus in the fall of 2006. With its essence largely rooted in the concept of Performance Studies, where the message is placed above the delivery, ATP exists as an alternative outlet for social activism on campus. Currently, the Research and Resource Center for Campus Climate supports the development and delivery of three productions (6 student performances and 1 faculty/staff performance) during the academic year on the UWL campus.

The ATP Performance Troupe is comprised of students who share a passion for diversity and social justice issues and desire to further explore the dynamics of how these issues shape our world. Because of their commitment to gaining a greater understanding of the institutional oppressions and "isms" that affect all members of our community, these students come together to dialogue, research, reflect, write, and eventually perform real life experiences that touch on topics of racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, classism, heterosexism, gender expression and identity, privilege, hate, cultural differences, and more. Using the stage as their forum for educating, the performers creatively explore, examine and dissect issues that are present in today's society.

It is hoped that by watching these performances, audience members will increase their cross-cultural awareness, embrace a journey towards greater understanding, and become committed to tearing down the barriers in order to create inclusive communities. The performance is designed to begin or, for some, continue the dialogue about the difficult social issues that are presented even after the performance concludes.

ATP is indeed changing the world… one performance at a time.

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