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I just wanted you to know…that at some point during the performance ... I had an epiphany: I have never been so proud and satisfied to be a part of UWL  in my eighteen years here as I was that night, seeing young adults in our community express important cultural perspectives with such passion, intelligence, and creativity. They are doing vitally important cultural work…My deepest gratitude and congratulations to all of you.
Sharon Jesse | Professor | English 

I learned and gained a great deal from my ATP experience such as how to work with a very diverse group and how to effectively talk about controversial and tough subjects. I will always use what I learned in ATP to be more sensitive, realize what privileges I have, and to help get the conversation started on social justice issues when need be.
It's amazing and it made my experience at UWL much more rewarding then I thought it could be and I sure will miss it and all the friends I made because of it.
Kara Leffelman | ATP Performer | 2008 Season  

I think that the message of ATP is absolutely necessary for the world and I cannot think of a better way to deliver it.
Name withheld | ATP Performer | 2007-2009 Seasons 

The most important thing I gained from my experience with ATP was the skill to listen. I have always thought of listening from a communicative perspective, but I realized that is not the most effective way to learn. My experience with ATP taught me to listen to other people's stories and how to learn and grow from them. I learned that being open about developing my own mind is also one of the teaching tools.
Mara Gericke | ATP Performer | 2007-2008 Seasons 

I want to take this opportunity to let you know how much I enjoyed the performance tonight.  The skits were entertaining AND informative. The students appeared to be having a wonderful time.  I hope that you can take this show on the road! 
Barbara Stewart | Vice Chancellor for Diversity & Inclusion 

Thanks so much for the incredible program yesterday. Our 6th annual "Diversity Circles in Action" conference was a huge success. I was so moved by the student's performances. The La Crosse students are an amazing group. I am sharing info about your group with the national Ophelia Project office. Our 3rd annual national conference is in Chicago (October 2008). I would love to see your group invited to perform. Thank you, again. The event was a great success. 
Jane Finkenbine | UW-Platteville     

Let me start by saying a million times thank you for making the sacrifice of time, money, and heart in order to share an incredible gift with us over in Minnesota. You went above and beyond to be here and then met each demand/constraint with such grace and optimism. Your content is empowering, but your commitment to living what you teach is what I find most inspiring. I am particularly encouraged and personally challenged by the demonstration I experienced of people willing to lay down their social positions of power, despite the emotional pain and torment that they may experience because of it, in order to align with those who do not share that power. Your presentation has held me accountable to what I believe and challenged me to live those beliefs. Thank you for generously sharing your world, for exposing your vulnerabilities, for welcoming us into your troupe, for challenging us to  BE  about change, for comforting us in our differences, and for affirming the value of diversity. You are truly inspirational and I encourage you ... to continue to break down barriers, stand against the status quo, and most importantly care for yourselves and each other in the process. 
Chenelle Boatswain | Zanewood & Birchgrove Schools (Minnesota) 

I have been reminded, through conversations with various performers, that by design, the nature of performance studies' growth, awareness and understanding doesn't necessarily end when the audience goes home. Ideally, the feeling of "wonderfully uncomfortable" should follow us... and perhaps even haunt us for a few days/weeks/months/etc. I know I will NEVER forget the stories I heard from you all. Thank you for sharing of yourself... and for listening to others! 
Beth Hartung | Former Coordinator | Campus Climate 

Just a quick note to you, your staff and the students for the fantastic performance...!  Thank you to all of you and your efforts in bringing awareness to our campus, an awareness I hope spreads beyond boundaries. I am so proud of the students and their ability to educate all of us.
Angie Lee | Director of Student Life 

I wanted to make sure to pass on my appreciation for the program. It was AMAZING! I really think it got people to think and talk about important topics and that is priceless. I just wanted to say thank you to all of the people who put so much work and time into this. Outstanding people and programs like this make me proud to be a UWL student.   
Samantha J. Martin | UWL Student & Resident Assistant 

I just wanted to let you know that I thought [the performance] was AMAZING tonight and I can't wait to see it again on Tuesday! 
Lindsay Mather | UWL Student & Resident Assistant 

I am just writing…to congratulate the group that put on Awareness through Performance.  … I attended the event and was surprised, in a good way of course. I just want to say that everyone involved did an excellent job and [I] am looking forward to other events in the future. Thanks!
Michael J. Moore | UWL Student 

I just wanted to compliment you, all the other ATP advisors, and the entire troop on a great performance. I was actually brought to tears from two of the skits and everything really had a good impact on me. On top of that, I went with a first timer, and he said that he had goose bumps for at least 95% of the show, which he says never happens to him, ever.  I'm really excited to see the encore performance and what the future holds for ATP! Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to making a difference!!
James Bushman | UWL Alumni

I wanted to … let you know how incredible the performance was ... .  I was so impressed at how much was covered, and how well the program flowed.  I think this program is one of the best I've seen during Welcome Week. A couple of the CAB students came to one of the shows too, and they also couldn't say enough good things about it.  Please pass along this feedback to all the students who performed or worked behind the scenes.  Congratulations on a job well done!
Jaralee Richter | Campus Activities Board (CAB) Advisor | University Centers