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As a troupe, we convene for what we call, ATP development week; a very full week devoted to creating a social justice performance to share with the larger UWL campus community. The performance consists of scenes which explore a variety of social justice issues including: privilege and oppression, racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, classism, religious privilege and oppression, hate and bias, and other issues of social identity. We put these scenes on center stage, in hopes of sparking a campus-wide conversation about the issues which affect all of us, individually and collectively.

During development week is all about the good stuff that transpires behind the scenes. We self-disclose, discuss, dialogue, and reflect upon our experiences as individuals and as a community. In turn, we transform our stories and conversations into scenes, weaving together our commonalities and differences in experiences. This process of "stories-to-scenes" is essential to the success and impact of our performances.