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Here are a few resources for Resident Assistants and others who are looking for bulletin board ideas! If you have any questions or suggestions, just contact our office at 608.785.5094.

  • Allies Against Hate
    This bulletin board is intended to educate our community about what it takes to be an ally against hate on our campus. It encourages community members to begin or continue the ally process by gaining a greater self-awareness, attending events on campus, learning about campus resources, making connections with ally offices and sharing their knowledge with others. In addition to providing basic information about being/becoming an ally, it provides members with the "Ally Challenge" - an optional challenge to actively become an ally. 

Allies Against Hate Bulletin Board

  • Anti-Hate & Hate Incidents
    This bulletin is meant to educate community members on the issue of hate incidents and to empower residents to create a hate-free campus community.  

Unity Bulletin Board

  • Bystander Intervention
    The purpose of this bulletin board is to educate community members about bystander intervention, the 4 steps of intervention, and the factors which influence whether a person will or will not intervene. By providing this we hope to encourage community members to stand up, rather than stand by. 

Bystander Intervention Bulletin Board