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Survey Background

Every 4-5 years, UWL conducts a university-wide survey in order to assess the current climate on our campus. "Campus climate" is a measure of the campus environment as it relates to interpersonal, academic, and professional interactions (UC Regents, Campus Climate Report). Responses from previous UWL surveys in 2004, 2008, and 2013 have led to the creation of new campus offices and increased funding for diversity and inclusion initiatives, including:

  • Research & Resource Center for Campus Climate
  • Hate/Bias Response (Hate Response Team and Online Reporting Form)
  • Awareness through Performance
  • Funding for a Violence Prevention Specialist
  • Employee Morale Retreats

This is a critical initiative, one that we as a university embrace and support, because this survey gives UWL community members an opportunity to describe their own personal experiences/observations, and an outlet to offer suggestions for change that might enhance the climate. The data is used to identify strategies for addressing potential challenges and support positive diversity and inclusion initiatives. The survey is supported by the Division of Diversity & Inclusion.


2018 Climate Survey

The 2018 UWL Campus Climate Survey was administered to students and employees in the spring semester of 2018. A total of 1668 students and 689 employees responded to the survey. These numbers represented approximately 16% of all students and 50% of all employees.1 For comparison, 1835 students and 518 employees responded to the 2013 Campus Climate Survey. Among student respondents, the vast majority were undergraduate students, and were evenly distributed in terms of their grade levels. A plurality of student respondents (44%) were affiliated with the College of Science and Health. 87% were white, 85% were heterosexual, and the gender ratio was 71% women, 26% men. 58% of student respondents identified as Christian; most of the rest identified as atheist, agnostic, or “no affiliation.” About 7% of student respondents had a disability (91 students in all), most commonly reporting a psychological disability (including but not limited to ADHD). The content of the 2018 Campus Climate Survey was largely consistent with the 2013 survey, which was created by a working group of UWL faculty and staff. The survey asks respondents to report whether they have been subjected various kinds of negative experiences while at UWL (such as bullying, stereotyping, discrimination, sexual assault, or stalking) as well as their overall feelings of belongingness and satisfaction at UWL.

View the executive summary here: Executive Summary 2018