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SEEDs Mission

SEEDs are student peer educators that have a passion for social justice and inclusion. Through collaboration, SEEDs create workshops, presentations, and programs focused on diversity, education, inclusion, and acceptance. These efforts strive to increase awareness, knowledge, and empathy in the form of hands-on, real-life experiences at UW-La Crosse. They will assist in creating an inclusive, safer environment where all students, staff, and faculty can bring their intersecting identities to UWL's campus and surrounding community. 

History of SEEDs

SEEDs were created and developed by Authrene Ashton, an alumna of UWL. She discovered a similar program at UW-Eau Claire and wanted to create a program for UWL. Authrene, along with Jude Legiste, Ashleigh Williams, Megan Denison, Matt Evensen, Amanda Goodenough, and AJ Clauss began implementing this peer education program in Spring 2016, for residence halls and across campus, in order to create a more inclusive environment and reduce hate/bias incidents. 

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For more information about the UWL SEEDs program, please contact AJ Clauss at or Matt Evensen at