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Handshake is UW-La Crosse’s online career services management system that provides students access to internships, full-time jobs, career fairs, information sessions, and more.
Consent to release information.
No Show Policy.

With Handshake, you can:

  • schedule appointments with your academic and career advisors
  • search internship and full-time job postings and apply online
  • create job search agents to receive an email when new positions that match your search criteria are posted
  • be considered for on-campus interviews for open positions
  • learn about jobs and internships available through our Career Fairs
  • prepare for and practice your interviewing skills anywhere and anytime via your webcam using InterviewStream

Want to get started?

Read through our step by step instructions (coming soon) and policies for using Handshake.

Questions? Email the Career Services office at career@uwlax.edu.

To login to Handshake, current students use the following information:

  • Login at uwlax.joinhandshake.com
  • STUDENTS:  This account is connected to your other university logins, so click on the "University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Login" link to begin.
  • Check out this video on creating your profile.

Alumni members can also use Handshake: 

  • Visit:  uwlax.joinhandshake.com to register an account with UW-La Crosse
  • A notification is sent to UWL Career Services that you have requested access to Handshake.  Once you have been verified as UWL alumni, your account will be activated.
  • Email: career@uwlax.edu or Phone: 608.785.8514

Employers can join Handshake with the following instructions:

  • Visit:  UWL Career Services to register for an account with UW-La Crosse and/or connect to an existing employer profile.  
  • A notification is sent to UWL Career Services that you have requested access to Handshake.  Once you have been verified as UWL alumni, your account will be activated.
  • Email: career@uwlax.edu or Phone: 608.785.8514

Acknowledgments, disclaimers, and consent to release information for job and internship seekers using Handshake.

By logging into your Handshake profile:

You authorize the staff of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Career Services office to grant access to and/or release information relating to you contained in the computer files and hard copy files of said office to all prospective authorized employers or individuals deemed appropriate by the staff, for the purpose of furthering efforts to assist you in securing an internship, cooperative education experience, employment or other career-related endeavors. Such records may contain personal information, resumes, cover letters or other information that you have uploaded into Handshake;

You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the accuracy of your profile data and uploaded documents;

You understand that registration data on gender, disabled status, veteran status, ethnicity (race), and birth date (age) collected through completion of your profile is voluntary and that leaving these fields blank will not affect your Handshake registration.

You further understand that no written release is required for the distribution of the information contained in Handshake. After activating your online profile, in order to revoke this authorization, you can do so by indicating such in the appropriated field in your online profile.

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Career Services Office is an equal opportunity employer and will not knowingly sponsor or list openings that discriminate, practice deception, or violate federal and state employment statutes. The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse reserves the right to refuse job listings from any employer if there is a concern about an organization's or individual's employment practices.

Employers posting job openings on Handshake are not necessarily affiliated with, nor endorsed by the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Therefore, by accepting listings on the job board, the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse is in no manner sponsoring or endorsing any employer. The university acts solely as a referral service that is free of charge for both employers and job seekers and makes no claim or representation regarding the validity of positions posted with our office. UW-La Crosse is not responsible for the wages, safety, or working conditions of any employment. 

We ask all students to use “due diligence” before accepting any employment. Also be aware that wages that are based partially or fully on sales or commissions are not guaranteed. All hiring and compensation for work performed by student employees is handled directly between the student and the employer. The Career Services Office does not perform background checks on students nor on employers. Therefore, employers and students are encouraged to request reference information from each other.

On-Campus Recruiting Policies

Eligibility Policy

Current UW-La Crosse undergraduate students fulfilling the required job qualifications can apply for full-time and internship opportunities through the On-Campus Recruiting program. Current graduate students can apply to the opportunities that seek graduate level education or experience or with the permission or request of an employer.

No Show Policy (If You Miss an Interview)

A missed interview constitutes a serious problem. Our recruiters react very strongly to a "no show" situation. If you miss an on-campus interview, the following procedures must be observed.

The first missed interview

  1. The Career Services Recruiting Coordinator must be notified as soon as possible so the recruiter can be notified.
  2. You must meet the Director of Career Services or another designated staff member to discuss the reason for the missed interview.
  3. You must submit a letter of apology to the company recruiter with a copy to the Recruiting Coordinator.
  4. Your account will be deactivated until the above conditions are met which will make you ineligible to participate in the campus recruiting program or resume referral programs.

The second missed interview

  1. Above conditions 1, 2 and 3 are in effect.
  2. Your recruiting privileges may be revoked

Renege Policy

Reneges are never permitted or condoned by Career Services. Reneging on an offer is a serious violation of the Career Services' policy, and will result in immediate suspension of all recruiting privileges and the student's Handshake account is de-activated. Violators will be required to meet with a representative from Career Services. Future recruiting privileges will be determined after this meeting.

Statement of Responsibility

By using the Handshake system, you agree to conform to all ethical and professional practices and to assume personal responsibility throughout the employment process. Failure to do so will result in the deactivation of your account.


  • Provide accurate information on majors, minors, GPA, and employment eligibility.
  • Provide current and reliable contact information for Career Services and employers.
  • Respond appropriately to communication from Career Services and employers.
  • Adhere to schedules.
  • Thoroughly research organizations prior to interviewing and accepting positions.
  • Notify Career Services immediately if you encounter questionable practices or irregularities in the employment process.
  • Notify Career Services upon acceptance of a job offer. Withdraw from the interview process and notify all employers with whom you are interviewing.
  • Consider acceptance of employment as a commitment to that employer.
  • Reneging an acceptance is not condoned by Career Services and will result in loss of your service.
  • Career Services:
  • Maintain a recruitment process that is fair and equitable to candidates and employing organizations.
  • The staff will, without imposing personal values or bias, assist individuals in developing a career plan.
  • The Career Services staff will provide students with information on a range of career opportunities and types of employing organizations. They will inform students of the means and resources to gain access to information which may facilitate their decisions about an employing organization.
  • The Career Services staff will provide employing organizations with accurate information about UW-La Crosse and its students and about the policies and services of Career Services.
  • Maintain confidentiality of student information.

This statement of responsibility is guided by the Principles of Professional Conduct of the National Association of Colleges and Employers.