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Networking: Share your career interests with your personal and professional networks. Send a resume to those people who may be helpful in your job search. Use social networking internet sites to locate acquaintances that may offer advice or have opportunities with their employers. Take advantage of networking possibilities online by creating a LinkedIn profile and joining the LinkedIn groups “UW La Crosse Alumni,” “UW La Crosse Career Services,” and other groups relevant to your career goals. 

Applying for Positions: Take time with your applications and make sure your resume and cover letters are targeted for the specific position. The quality of your applications is more important than the quantity. 

Identifying Opportunities: Be flexible. Keep both your career options and geographical considerations as open as possible when considering your first job. 

Online Job Postings: Remember to login and view positions listed in Handshake, the UWL electronic job listings resource.

In addition to Handshake, we encourage you to utilize corporate websites and other internet resources. Unlike Handshake, these resources list all jobs, not just jobs for new college graduates. 

We also recommend and as very good aggregate job search engines.

Job Search Correspondence: See a sample cover letterother letters and guidelines for help. Career Services staff members are willing to critique your correspondence in person or via email if necessary. 

Interviews: Always take time to carefully research the organization, practice before the interview and follow up with the employer after the interview with thank you correspondence. Interviewing tips and sample questions are available on the Career Services Website here.

Staffing Firms: Many employers will use staffing agencies to fill positions temporarily. As the economy improves, these positions can turn into permanent opportunities. All fees should be employer paid and not the responsibility of the job seeker. 

Appointments/Questions: To schedule an appointment with any of our staff, please telephone 785-8514, press 0. Emails may be sent directly to staff members.

Josh Bench ( Science and Allied Health
Chris Stindt ( Exercise Science, Public and Community Health, Recreation
Karolyn Bald ( Liberal Studies and Arts and Communication
Brenda Leahy ( Teacher Education and Accounting/Finance
Aiyana Dettmann ( Business