Graduate school exploration

Choosing to attend graduate school can be a big decision. If you would like help beginning the process of choosing graduate programs that is right for you, please consider working with the AAC. We are happy to help you identify online and campus resources that may be useful as you begin this process. Please note that UWL faculty members have completed graduate school in specialized areas and may also be helpful resources.  

Things to consider when selecting a graduate program 

  • Program choice - Academic programs can have identical titles at two different schools, yet be very different. It is important that you decide what you want to study and then find a program that matches your interests.
  • Faculty - Research the faculty in the programs that you are are exploring.  Faculty members typically have specialized research interests. Do their areas of research match your interests?
  • Admission requirements - Some students can pursue a master's or doctorate program in a discipline unrelated to their undergraduate degree.  Is this the case with the programs that you are considering or is a specific undergraduate degree required?  Other admission requirements to note, should be required prerequisite courses, undergraduate GPA, standardized tests scores, etc. Many graduate institutions publish this information on their websites.
  • Location - Graduate school can be an adventure. Are you looking for a school in an urban or rural setting? Do you want to experience a completely different region of the country or world?
  • Institution size - You should consider not only campus size, but also the size of the academic programs that you're exploring.  Are you looking for something similar to your undergraduate institution? Larger? Smaller?
  • Costs - Be sure to research the costs (tuition, fees, housing, books) of the programs that you are considering. Also check to see if there is financial assistance available for these programs (grants, assistantships, scholarships, loans, etc.).
  • Career assistance - Contact Career Services at the institutions that you are exploring. Check out graduation rates, placement in related fields, potential employers, and salary ranges of graduates.

Additional information

  • - Comprehensive directory of domestic & international Masters and PhD graduate programs
  • Peterson's - Extensive directory of graduate and doctorate programs.  Also has helpful resources to help with the graduate school decision making process.  
  • - searchable database of graduate programs pertaining to liberal arts, social science, biological & physical science, health science, etc.