Follow-up correspondence


Thank you for the interview

Thank you letters following interviews are a professional courtesy. Immediately after you have an interview, send a brief thank you to the potential employer for the interview. Many employers expect to receive thank you letters within a couple of days of the interview. Thank you letters not only demonstrate good manners, but also provide another opportunity to present a positive image of you. Note that a thank you letter should always be sent, even if you do not expect to receive a job offer from this employer or if you have decided that you are no longer interested in the position for which you interviewed.

  • Express appreciation for their time and information; state the position for which you interviewed, interview date, and place.
  • Include some reference to your conversation.
  • Reaffirm interest, mention any important items forgotten in the interview, and/or include additional qualifications of work experience not included on resume.
  • Mention your availability for additional interviews. Close with a feeling of enthusiasm for the position and organization.
  • If no longer interested in the position, thank the employer for their time and ask that your application be withdrawn.

Acknowledging the offer

  • If you are offered employment, never leave the employer uncertain of when you will make a decision.
  • Acknowledge receipt of employment offer and express your appreciation for the offer.
  • Notify the employer of the date you expect to make your decision.

Accepting the offer

Your reply to your new employer should be brief, personalized, and written in such a way as to reinforce the employer's decision to hire you. Be sure to indicate the date on which you will start work so there will be no misunderstanding.
Refer to details of agreement, e.g., job title, responsibilities, salary, starting date, etc.
Express your appreciation and your pleasure in joining the staff.

Declining the offer

It is very important to notify employers from whom you have received offers that you have reached a decision and accepted another employer's offer. State your appreciation for the time and interest that they have shown you.