Federal Perkins Loan services

Payments and Billing

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse contracts with Heartland Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI) for the billing and electronic processing of payments on your campus-based Perkins loan.

To make email address corrections, to access your E-bill, to set up electronic payments, or to view your account online, please go to the ECSI home page. Our school code is VM.  ECSI can be reached at 1-800-437-6931.

All borrowers of a Federal Perkins Loan must complete an online Exit Counseling. Transcript holds and registration holds will be placed on accounts if exit requirements are not met. 

Repayment of the Federal Perkins Loan begins at the end of a 9-month grace period beginning once the student leaves the University (graduates, withdraws, or drops below six credits). Repayment lasts for a period of ten years and interest is charged at 5% .  Payments are based on the total amount borrowed, but may not be less than $40 per month. Prepayment of a Perkins Loan can be made at any time without penalty.    

Perkins Loan Promissory Notes

Perkins Loan Promissory Notes are signed online at our Perkin's loan servicer's website.  More Information is available on the Heartland ECSI website.

Financial Aid

More Information may be available on Financial Aid's webpage for loan information.