13th Annual UW-L Conference on Teaching & Learning
Friday, September 2, 2011, 8:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Valhalla, Cartwright Center

Instructors were invited to attend the Annual UW-La Crosse Conference on Teaching & Learning.  The event featured a
keynote presentation, Invigorating Student Learning: How Should Students Study? by Dr. Regan Gurung, UW-Green Bay, as
well as posters, demonstrations and displays by UW-L instructors and staff.

Featuring Conference Presentations by UW-L Instructors and Staff:
Posters, Demonstrations, and Displays

Conference Schedule

8:30     Refreshments available at 8:30

Provost Enz Finken

Keynote Address: Invigorating Student Learning: How Should Students Study?
Regan Gurung, Professor of Human Development and Psychology, UW-Green Bay
Posters, Demonstrations, Displays, Valhalla A (odd-numbered)                  

Posters, Demonstrations, Displays, Valhalla A (even-numbered)

12:15   Buffet Luncheon, Valhalla B

Dr. Regan GurungKeynote speaker, Dr. Regan Gurung, is Professor of Human Development & Psychology at UW-Green Bay. Regan is the 2011 recipient of the 19th UW Regents Award for Excellence in Teaching and was recognized in 2009 as the Wisconsin College Teacher of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.  In addition to extensive research in the area of health psychology, Regan has published widely in the scholarship of teaching and learning.  He has authored several books on college teaching including Exploring signature pedagogies: Approaches to teaching disciplinary habits of mind (Gurung, Chick, & Haynie, 2009), Getting Culture: Incorporating diversity across the curriculum (Gurung & Prieto, 2009), Optimizing teaching and learning: Pedagogical research in practice (Gurung & Schwartz, 2009), The psychology of teaching: An empirically based guide to picking, choosing, & using pedagogy (Schwartz & Gurung, in press).

For more biographical information see http://www.uwgb.edu/gurungr/bibliography/bio.asp

Regan has been doing research on how students study, and his address will focus on effective and ineffective forms of studying and the factors that influence student learning.