CATL Staff Members' Consultation Areas

Bill Cerbin
Director of CATL

Bill consults with individual instructors and programs on any of the following topics:

  1. understanding how students learn
  2. assessment
  3. lesson study
  4. teaching for understanding
  5. the scholarship of teaching and learning
  6. teaching grants (UW-L Faculty Development Grants, How Students Learn Grants, UTLG, Closing the Achievement Gap)
  7. UW System faculty development programs (Teaching Fellows & Scholars, Faculty College)

Kristin Koepke and Jen Snook
Instructional Designers

Kristin and Jen consult with instructors and programs about ways to develop curricula and pedagogical strategies to enhance student learning. They work with online and face-to-face instructors at any phase of the course design and delivery process—before teaching the course for the first time, while teaching a course, and after teaching a course. They can help instructors to:

  1. brainstorm ways to add creative learning activities to courses
  2. use instructional design principles to improve course design and review
  3. implement quality and varied assessment materials
  4. integrate active and alternative learning techniques
  5. write and measure learning objectives
  6. include appropriate technologies in courses

Bryan Kopp
Writing Programs Coordinator

Bryan consults with instructors and programs about how to improve the quality of student writing and student learning through writing. He also directs the Writing Emphasis and Writing in the Major Programs. He offers assistance for faculty and staff seeking to

  1. promote student learning through writing
  2. improve student writing abilities beyond the first year
  3. integrate writing into courses and programs
  4. create or refine writing assignments (including prompts, guidelines, and assessment rubrics)
  5. explore options for responding to and evaluating student writing
  6. gain Writing Emphasis certification
  7. develop or sustain a Writing-in-the-Major program

Deb Hoskins
Inclusive Excellence Coordinator

Deb can help individuals and groups with specific teaching and learning agendas including:

  1. troubleshooting a particular pedagogical or course content issue, or an Equity Scorecard or assessment finding
  2. help designing or redesigning a course or a unit to experiment with innovative pedagogies aimed at reducing achievement gaps
  3. help designing assessments that might identify group-based inequities in learning
  4. help developing grant proposals on teaching and learning or faculty development

Brian Udermann
Director of Online Education

Brian is available for individual or departmental consultations if you would like to discuss:

  1. Online Education Grants
  2. online course and program development
  3. policies and procedures related to online education

Patrick Barlow
Assessment Coordinator

Patrick consults with individual instructors and programs about the use of assessment strategies designed to understand and improve student learning.  He can offer assistance to instructors or programs seeking to:

  1. create new assessment tools or processes related to learning
  2. revise existing assessment of student learning processes
  3. analyze data from assessment of student learning processes
  4. understand how to utilize results from institutional assessment tools, (e.g. National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA), etc.) at the course or program level
  5. prepare for upcoming accreditation or program reviews requiring a presentation of student learning results

Consultation Policy
The CATL staff will work with instructors individually and in groups to support improvement of teaching and learning. Our focus is on improvement and not on evaluation of instructors for personnel decisions. We do not conduct evaluations of instructors. In consulting, CATL staff members may provide written feedback to individual instructors. We do not provide the feedback to third parties; however instructors are free to use written feedback from us as they wish.