NOTICE: The online course development grants are suspended for FY20-21. 

Introduction: The purpose of this program is to help UWL expand online course offerings by providing financial assistance and instructional support to faculty and instructional academic staff to develop online courses.

Funding amount: Instructors who are applying for online course development funds for the first time will be funded at $1,000 per credit, if their funding request is approved.  

Instructors who have previously received an online course development award, and are applying for another, will be funded at $500 per credit, if their funding request is approved.

Instructors who have previously developed an online course without receiving online course development funds are eligible for a reduced stipend ($250 per credit) to redesign their course. In addition to following the normal funding proposal procedures, instructors wishing to receive funds for an online course redesign would need to have their previously developed online course reviewed by the Instructional Design Team and Director of Online Education in CATL and would identify four to six areas of the class to be improved.  

Who is eligible to apply: Faculty and instructional academic staff who have completed the UWL Online Instructor Training Course or an equivalent training/course may request funding to develop an online class. If you wish to apply for a waiver from the UWL Online Instructor Training Course, please contact the Director of CATL.  If multiple instructors wish to apply for funding to develop the same course, the award would be split between applicants. Individuals who have received previous funding to develop an online course and are still in the process of developing their course are not eligible.  You may only apply for funding to develop one course at a time. Applicants must hold at least a 50% instructional appointment at UWL to be eligible.

Funding proposal procedures: To request funds to develop an online course you must:

  1. complete the online course funding request application
  2. provide a letter of support from your Department Chair
  3. email both the application and letter of support to

Proposal evaluation criteria: Your online course development funding request will be evaluated with the following criteria:

    • Clarity and scope of the student learning outcomes of the class.
    • Quality and scope of the methods used to assess the course student learning outcomes.
    • The overall impact the project will have on UWL.
    • Quality of the proposed online unit/module.
    • Appropriateness of the Canvas tools and additional technologies used to teach the class.

Funding Conditions:

    • Meet with a UWL Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning (CATL) Instructional Designer prior to initiating the development of your course and
    • After your course is developed but before it is offered, have your course reviewed by the Director of Online Education and Instructional Designers in CATL using the UWL Online Course Evaluation Guidelines
    • If your course design includes lecture capture and other multimedia options, please pursue full captioning whenever possible. You can find more information about video captioning on the Access Center faculty and staff resources webpage.

Contact for More Information: If you have questions please contact the Director of CATL.