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Page last updated on 08/19/2014

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Best General Resource: is a metasite for diversity issues in higher education.  You will find information collected here that ranges from the research on the benefits of diversity to examples of infused curricula, and everything in between.  Can be hard to find particular items, though -- the lists get long and aren't categorized on a page.

K-12 Resources

The Center for Multicultural Education at the University of Washington.  Founded and directed by James A. Banks, one of the gurus of research on inclusive education for K-12 (and some higher education).

History Resources  From our own Central Wisconsin History Collaborative project.  Alphabetically by time periods and groups. 

Best Practices:  What does the research tell us about what works

Murphy Library Search Resources:

Murphy Library's Diversity-Related Titles  Search the list by race/ethnicity, gay/lesbian/bisexual, persons with disabilities, or all diversity books.

By Discipline:

Math:  Check it out!

See the disciplinary section in

I'll be going college by college as I develop these resources, so bear with me! 

By Group:

Note:  I have selected metasites  here -- websites that index a lot of other websites -- for this page. is always a good resource for any diversity issue in higher education, but these sites can help you narrow your search quickly.


See the UW-System Women's Studies Librarian's Research Guides for these specific topics:  abortion, social and political aspects of women's health, women and popular culture, and Title IX.  Note that these guides are designed for undergraduates, but are very useful to help you design courses and assignments.  Note also that they typically link to UW-Madison resources, but that UW-L also has many of these resources either through Murphy Library or through Universal Borrowing or Interlibrary Loan. 

Murphy Library's Women's Studies webpage  Essential resources for Women's Studies research through Murphy Library, including links to important bibliographic databases. An excellent website linking Murphy's own resources to those available through Murphy-licensed databases, other local libraries, and other research collections.

UW System Women's Studies Librarian's Office  Publications review many teaching materials (including videos). Other sections of the website link to book publishers and journals, WS websites, other research centers, and more. Tutorials help users of online bibliographic databases to search effectively and internet users to evaluate websites. You can ask reference questions too. A rare academic resource, of which UW campuses are very proud.  See especially their curricular resources pages including links to syllabi in various disciplines, links to classroom exercises, and other information.

National Center for Curriculum Transformation Resources on Women  Includes materials for faculty aiming to incorporate new scholarship into their courses, and for administrators directing curriculum transformation projects on their campuses. "Publications" and "Resources" sections are the most useful.

Internet Resources on Women: Using Electronic Media in Curriculum Transformation 
This website updates references in Joan Korenman's book by this title. The website includes information for ordering the book.

Race and Ethnicity:

East Tennessee State University Race and Ethnicity metasite  Includes sections for specific populations.

American Indians:  American Journeys:  Eyewitness Accounts of Early American Settlement and Exploration:  A Digital Library and Learning Center.  From the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Murphy Library's Ethnic and Racial Studies subject website   Subject website through Murphy Library that includes quick links to the essential on-line databases.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered (LGBT):

Research Guides for LGBTQ -- The UW-System Women's Studies Librarian has created an outstanding research guide for LGBTQ resources across the UW-System.  AWESOME!  Thanks to Phylllis Homan Weisbard for creating this!

Ithaca College's Center for LGBT Education, Outreach, and Services  The site includes the Center's Quick Tips on how to be inclusive of LGBT themes (scroll down, on the right) broken down by subject area (H&S = Humanities and Science;  HSHP = Health Science and Human Performance;  DIIS = Division of Interdisciplinary and International Studies;  there are also sheets for business, music, and communication).

People with Disabilities:

If you use video in your classes, check to make sure that those you purchase are close-captioned!  If you use online video that is uncaptioned, you can make a transcription in advance and post it in D2L (you can also schedule when content in D2L opens, so that students don't find it before you want them to have it).

"Teaching College Students with Disabilities," Center for Teaching Effectiveness, University of Delaware  Links to pages and articles from around the country on 1.  relevant legislation, 2.  resource agencies and sites, 3.  faculty and student guidebooks, 4.  online articles on college students with disabilities, and 5.  technology.

The Museum of disAbility:  This website is presented by People Inc., a non-profit human service agency serving people with special needs, seniors and their families in Western New York. The website contains virtual exhibits documenting various aspects of the history of individuals with disabilities, as well as an extensive bibliography. To access the website, go to