Technology help

Has the computer revolution left you behind?  Fear not!  We can help.

Creating a Recurring Appointment in Outlook (ie, entering your classes in your Outlook Calendar)

Scheduling meetings for committees and department meetings can be a nightmare that Outlook can fix!  But you'll need to have your "busy times" entered on the server.  Here's how to enter your classes your Outlook calendar without having to enter every single class meeting!  Try it, it's really easy.  The Flash version should open in any browser on any computer:  How to create a recurring appointment in Outlook

Scheduling a Meeting Outlook

You're trying to gather 7 busy faculty members for a REALLY IMPORTANT meeting, but after the 72nd email you've sent to suggest a 12th possibility, you're ready to give up.  We can help each other out a lot by having at least our classes entered on our Outlook calendars.  This podcast will prove the value of that by showing you just how easy it is to schedule a meeting through Outlook!  How to schedule a meeting in Outlook

Finding an article -- using Murphy databases

You're reading an article and find a reference to another article you'd like to read.  How can you find that article now that the library is high-tech?  Here's a short video that will show you how to find it.  Don't forget to be amazed by Murphy Library's user-friendly home page!  This video will open in Windows Media Player (comes standard with PCs running any version of Windows -- or download it here).  Video:  "Finding an article from a citation."  Or try the Flash version:  Finding an Article from a Citation

Using Ebscohost in Awesome Ways: Saving Your Searches and Creating Alerts

My EBSCOhost Personalization Folder Flash video /PPT version

How to Create Search & Journal Alerts Flash video /PPT version

Designing a cross-campus discussion

Can Your Students Come Out to Play?  Connecting the Next Generation of Feminist Researchers and Activists (Deb Hoskins, presented at NWSA, 2008).