Marjorie Bazluki
Instructional Designer
182 Wing Technology Center
Khendum Gyabak-Kumka
Instructional Designer
185 Wing Technology Center


Instructional design is the process of designing, delivering, and reviewing learning experiences. The Instructional Designers at UWL can offer consultation, coaching, workshops, and trainings on significant, student-centered teaching and learning. Their services are available at any stage of the course design, development and delivery process (i.e. any time between the initial concept and post-end evaluation). Working with an Instructional Designer can help you identify simple improvements to your course, or possibly inspire you to re-envision your entire approach to teaching and learning.


Instructional Designers provide the following services in their promotion of effective teaching and learning:

  1. Review courses to suggest improvements to outcomes, assessments, or learning activities
  2. Suggest strategies for incorporating appropriate technology to enhance learning
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness and/or accessibility of instructional technologies and materials
  4. Provide examples of "best practice" in instructional design and educational technology to support student learning
  5. Assess the effectiveness of interaction, communication and community-building (e.g. social, cognitive and teaching presence)
  6. Share examples of active, authentic and engaging assessments
  7. Review courses for the alignment of outcomes, assessments and learning activities