Instructional Design


Kristin Koepke
Instructional Designer

182 Wing Technology Center

Jen Snook
Instructional Designer

170 Wing Technology Center


Instructional design is the systematic process of designing, delivering, and reviewing instruction. The Instructional Designers at UW-L support curricular development by providing individual consultations, workshops, and trainings for instructors to help develop curricula and pedagogical strategies to enhance teaching and learning. Whether you are looking for ways to improve your course, or wanting to incorporate technology, consulting with an experienced Instructional Designer about your ideas and how to implement them can be helpful.


The Instructional Designers will:

  1. Evaluate the efficacy and equity of instructional technologies and provide examples of "best practices" in the use of technologies that support student learning.
  2. Assist faculty, staff, and departments in the development and implementation of face-to-face and online courses that employ effective instructional design principles including, but not limited to, effective course design and review, implementation of quality assessment materials, integration of active learning techniques, writing and measuring learning objectives, creative approaches to ensuring students learning, and integration of appropriate technologies.

In addition the Instructional Designers are there to have open conversations about effective teaching strategies and to help faculty and academic staff think strategically about how and why courses are designed and delivered, along with how to review and revise courses based on lessons learned. Working with an Instructional Designer can take place at any stage of the course delivery process – before teaching the course for the first time, while teaching a course, and after teaching a course. Working with an Instructional Designer can open the door to new approaches to course delivery and allow for broader thinking about ways to enhance courses for the ultimate purpose of student learning.

Teaching and Learning Activities

Online Instructor Training 1: Introduction to Online Learning: A three-week online asynchronous training courses will be offered various times during the academic year to expose instructors to basic principles of course design and delivery.  Click HERE for more information about this training.

Online Instructor Training 2: Course Revision: A ten-week online asynchronous training course will be offered various times during the academic year to help experienced online instructors revise and refresh their online course for future offerings. Click HERE for more information about this training. 

Blended Learning Instructor Training: A three-week blended training is offered twice a year for instructors interested in offering a blended course.  The training will focus on effective strategies for blended course design and delivery.  More information about blended learning and the training can be found HERE.

CATL Workshops:  Some sessions involve aspects of instructional design principles or online education. Please check the CATL Calendar for information about upcoming sessions.

Individual Consultation:  Meetings can be scheduled to discuss how to design and deliver an online or face-to-face course - assistance can include creative and appropriate activities, proper integration of technology, reviewing the structure and learning objectives of a course, etc.

UW System Activities: The UW System Learning and Technology Development Council offers a variety of activities for instructors.  Click HERE for more information about these opportunities.


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