10 Effective Classroom Management Techniques Every Faculty Member Should Know

Effective classroom management is much more than just administering corrective measures when a student misbehaves; it's about developing proactive ways to prevent problems from occurring in the first place while creating a positive learning environment. This report outlines 10 practical techniques you can use to improve your classroom management. 

Getting Students' Names Right

There are almost as many reasons why it is hard to get names right as there are students in a class. Professors have scores or hundreds of students in a term, and new ones every term. Some professors have more than a thousand students in one term. There are a lot of names to learn. This article offers some strategies for remembering and geting your students' names right. 

Supporting Transgender Students in the Classroom

As the higher education community continues to work to create a more inclusive learning environment, the needs of our gender-variant students are too often overlooked. This article outlines a few ways faculty can create an atmosphere that supports trans-identified and gender-nonconforming students.

Ways to Deter Cheating

This tutorial will highlight ways you can deter cheating in your online class, as well as give information on how to report instances of cheating to the appropriate University officials.

Why Won't Students Ask Us for Help

Students are often reluctant to seek academic help from their instructors, despite the fact that many of them could benefit from the help. Teachers are being encouraged to develop supportive relationships with students, and most are willing to do so. In the case of students seeking help, what we need is clear information about those teacher characteristics that motivate students to ask.