A Survival Handbook for Teaching Large Classes

There is no one way to teach a large class. We have to take into account our teaching style, the characteristics of our students, and the goals and objectives of our course. This handbook is a cafeteria of ideas of how faculty members all over the country have tried to solve many of the problems related to teaching large classes. Decide which one or ones are most likely to work for you, and try them.

First Day of Class

The first day of class is the time to introduce the course, gain the students’ interest, and start the semester on a positive note. This guide is mean to help faculty in establishing goals for the first day of class and strategies to meet these goals.

Instructor Guide to Audio Recording (PDF)

This page and a half document describes how to record audio for stand alone use or as narration for a web presentation.

Instructor Guide to Screencasting (PDF)

This brief document discusses tips and tools for creating screencasts (narrated demos or software tours).

Managing Teaching Load - Time Management

Faculty life is full of diverse duties and responsibilities that can become overwhelmingly time-consuming. There is nothing you can do to get more time. "Multitasking" just means reducing the attention and the quality of our focus on individual tasks. 

UWL Online Education Handbook (Google Doc)

This reference document identifies policies and general information related to online education at UWL. The handbook is divided into two sections: Policies and Procedures, and Online Teaching Recommendations.