2010-2011 Faculty Seminar on Investigating Student Understanding

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The Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning invites instructors to register for 2010-2011 Faculty Seminar on Investigating Student Understanding. This is a year-long course in which instructors will explore student learning in their fields and carry out a small scale project to investigate student learning difficulties in their classes.

What seminar participants will do

The course will be conducted as a seminar involving online and face to face sessions. In fall we will discuss articles about student understanding and plan projects to investigate learning difficulties in our classes. In spring you will carry out a project, gathering evidence of student learning, analyzing your findings, and documenting and sharing your work. Participants can do an individual project or a group project with several colleagues. (One project option is to do a lesson study with several instructors in your department [read more].)

Benefits of participating

  • explore questions about student learning that are important to you
  • discuss teaching and learning issues with interested colleagues
  • reflect on how your teaching practices affect student learning
  • receive guidance, collegial support and consultation for your own project
  • create artifacts to document teaching improvement activities for your portfolio
  • contribute to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) in your field
  • prepare professional presentations and manuscripts
  • earn a certificate of completion


The course will begin online on September 17th, and the first face to face class meeting will be October 13th. We will meet approximately 8 times during the year. The course activities and meetings will be arranged to accommodate instructors’ schedules. Participants will have a two week period to complete any assigned readings, discussions, and activities before moving to the next segment of the course. You will plan your project during fall semester and carry it out in spring. Participants will document their work by the end of June 2011.

Intended audience

The seminar is open to all UW-La Crosse instructors who are interested in the scholarship of teaching and learning. Participants do not need prior experience doing classroom inquiry.


Registration deadline is September 17th. Register online at


If you have questions contact the seminar facilitators:

Bill Cerbin, Director CATL, 785-6881 or cerbin.will@uwlax.edu

Bryan Kopp, Writing Programs Coordinator, 785-6936, kopp.brya@uwlax.edu