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Faculty Seminar on Investigating Student Understanding: An Invitation

How does student understanding of a complex idea develop in a class?

Why do students have difficulties with particular concepts?

How do student misconceptions interfere with learning?

Why can’t students use course material to solve new problems?

What goes on in student groups when they work on tasks?

How can teachers better support student understanding with assignments, exercises, demonstrations, lectures, and discussions?

A universal goal of higher education is to promote students’ understanding of ideas, concepts, theories and skills. Despite our best efforts student understanding in our classes is often fragmented, superficial and temporary. Deep, enduring understanding is a difficult achievement. Through classroom inquiry teachers can investigate student learning problems and improve their instructional practices.

The Faculty Seminar on Investigating Student Understanding is a year long course involving online and face to face meetings. Participants will plan and carry out small scale investigations of student understanding in their classes. They will identify a student learning problem that matters to them, gather and analyze evidence, document and share their work with colleagues. By the end of the seminar participants will produce material for teaching portfolios, professional presentations and publications.

We invite you to join the seminar. You can

  • explore questions about student learning that are important to you
  • discuss teaching and learning issues with interested colleagues
  • reflect on how your teaching practices affect student learning, and
  • receive guidance, collegial support and consultation for your project

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