Resources for instructors using service learning

Key readings

National organizations: 

Earlier work on civic engagement and service learning at UW-L

What other campuses are doing

  • UW Madison's Morgridge Center for Public Service showcases students who have engaged in community-based learning, along with many resources for faculty to support solid design of S-L experiences. 
  • IUPUI (prounounce oo-ee-poo-ee!) Center for Service and Learning's Office of Service Learning offers assessment tools, teaching tools, and resources to help you design your course. 
  • Tennessee State University's Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement provides many resources.
  • University of Massachusetts' UACT (UMass Alliance for Community Transformation) connects students, faculty, and grassroots organizations in transformational projects that put learning to work.
  • This metasite provides links to course descriptions and websites for service learning programs across the nation.

Insurance/liability issues

  • Most of the sites above include some kind of release form. 
  • If you have questions about legal issues, please contact Nizam Arain, Risk Manager, Contract Administrator, and Records Retention Officer at UW-L.  He can help you think through all kinds of issues.