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Syllabus Policy

UWL Faculty Senate Policy on Syllabi (May 2017)

Policy-Compliant Syllabus Template


  • Headings in black are REQUIRED by the Faculty Senate Policy noted above.
  • Headings in blue are recommended. If you keep these sections, feel free to change the heading font to match your other heading colors.
  • For example, the section on Academic Misconduct has a blue heading.  This section helps students understand the consequences of cheating as defined by state statute and signals that you as the instructor must file a written report of an offence serious enough to affect the grade on the assignment (or more). The process defined by the statute helps our Student Affairs colleagues to track repeat offenders. Some instructors also find it a good deterent to cheating.
  • Text highlighted in yellow needs your attention and perhaps modification. Please delete the yellow highlighting when you are finished modifying these sections. 
  • This template includes text typically used only for courses taught entirely online, as well as for undergraduate courses that also carry graduate-level credit ("slash course"). Please delete these sections if they do not apply to your course.
  • For Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 – do remember to indicate prominately on your syllabi in which learning management system your course materials are housed (either in D2L or Canvas).

Undergraduate/Slash Courses Template:  policy-compliant-undergrad-syllabus-template-april-2018.docx

Graduate Courses Template:  policy-compliant-grad-syllabus-template-may-2018.docx