Teaching Improvement Guide

The Teaching Improvement Guide is intended to help college teachers identify, explore, and plan ways to improve their teaching and student learning.

Five sections correspond to important areas of teaching:

  1. teaching methods and course structure
  2. the learning environment
  3. student engagement and motivation
  4. student learning
  5. assessment of learning

Each section includes strategies and tips for improving teaching.

These resources will help you plan, implement, monitor, assess, and document your teaching improvement work. Your improvement efforts can be used to create teaching portfolio entries and set the stage for a future teaching grant or scholarship of teaching and learning project.

This guide has been created and published by The Center for Advancing Teaching & Learning (CATL) at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

Please direct feedback and suggestions to Bill Cerbin, Director of CATL.

Questions to Consider

What are your improvement goals?
What strategies will you use to address your improvement goals?
What types of evidence of your improvement goals will you collect?

Read more about documenting your teaching improvement activities.