Wednesday Webinars: Technical Help

NOTE: Due to low attendance, the Wednesday Webinars scheduled for Spring 2014 have been CANCELLED. If you would like to schedule a webinar or face-to-face session for your department or a group of instructors about one of the proposed webinar topics listed below, please contact Kristin Koepke (

Technical Requirements for Wednesday Webinars

"Wednesday Webinar" sessions will take place in Desire2Learn (D2L) via Blackboard Collaborate (also known as "Online Rooms"), a synchronous online meeting tool. To participate in a "Wednesday Webinar" session, you will need a computer with internet access, as well as a microphone or telephone. You can access the webinar from any location with computer, internet, and microphone or telephone.

Before participating in a "Wednesday Webinar", make sure your computer system is compatible with Blackboard Collaborate. Run a system check by clicking HERE. In addition, become familiar with the tools available in Blackboard Collaborate by watching this tutorial and reviewing this document. Even if you have used "Online Rooms" in your classes before, during "Wednesday Webinars" you will be using Blackboard Collaborate/"Online Rooms" in the participant (student) view so reviewing the materials is important. Your browser must be set to allow pop-ups and you must have an updated version of Java (for PC).

NOTE: Blackboard Collaborate recommends that all Mac OS X users should stay up-to-date with the latest versions of Mac OS X and Java in order to continue to access Blackboard Collaborate services. Although Apple blocked older versions of Java due to security concerns, the latest versions of Java have corrected the concerns and are no longer blocked by Apple. For more information on what has happened and why Apple blocked Java, see Knowledge Base Article 2791. In addition to security benefits, users on the latest versions of Mac OS X and Java will be able to launch web conferencing sessions. For information on getting the latest versions of Java please see Knowledge Base Article 2785. As of today, we are not aware of any security vulnerabilities for users using the latest versions of Java. Web conferencing users with the latest version of Java may have difficulty quitting the web conferencing application. Users can use Force Quit. For more information on how to Force Quit an application please review Knowledge Base Article 2788.

If you have technical issues accessing Blackboard Collaborate, please work with the Eagle Help Desk PRIOR to a "Wednesday Webinar" session. Note, the Eagle Help Desk is not open during webinar hours so planning ahead is important for trouble shooting access issues (help desk hours). No technical support is available during Wednesday Webinars.

Prior to Participating in a Wednesday Webinar

Please complete the following steps prior to the session (ideally, this should take only a few minutes):

STEP 1: Before you can access a "Wednesday Webinar" you need to register for the containing D2L course called "CATL Webinars". From your D2L home page, click "Self-Registration" in the upper-right of the page and work through the registration prompts. A quick video can be found HERE on how to complete the Self-Registration. Once you are registered for the D2L Course "CATL Webinars", you will see it listed under your "Student" tab in the "Ongoing" term.

STEP 2: Next, run a system check by entering the “Test Room”. Click on the " Wednesday Webinars" link in the navigation bar. Click on the room entitled "Test Room". When you click on the name of the room, you may be prompted to enter your name, then download a meeting file, which you will need to open and run. This meeting file opens Java (version 7.0 or newer is needed). If you can access the room, you will see the webinar space; your name will be on the left-hand side under the list of participants.

STEP 3: Once you access the webinar room, you have two options to communicate.

1. Computer-Based audio (requires microphone/speakers): To use this option, please do an audio test by clicking on the “Audio Set-Up Wizard” icon in the Audio & Video area in the upper-left corner of the screen. This will ensure your computer audio setup is ready to send/receive audio. If you use this audio setup, please note that using headphones with a microphone is HIGHLY recommended for sound quality and reduction of feedback.

2. Call in via Telephone: Once you enter the room, you will see a telephone icon in the Audio & Video area in the upper-left corner of the screen. If you click on this option, you will be provided a phone number and pin to access the audio for the webinar.

STEP 4: Exit/leave the “Test Room” webinar (File --> Exit or Red X).

Participating in a Wednesday Webinar

Log-in to D2L and enter the course “CATL Webinar”. Prior to a schedule webinar (5-15 minutes), click on the meeting link in the D2L course “CATL Webinars” > “Wednesday Webinars”, navigate to the listed webinar you wish to attend. Sign on to that room by following the links. Please run the “Audio Set-Up Wizard.”

Accessing an Archived Webinar

All "Wednesday Webinar" sessions with attendees are recorded. To access the archived links, complete the D2L self-registration process for the "CATL Webinars" D2L course, as indicated above. Archives can then be accessed in the “CATL Webinar” D2L course under “Wednesday Webinars” > Archived Sessions. Navigate to the session you wish to review, click the link and open the meeting file.